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Lymphie needs advice


Hi lymphies! I’m want to do the LVA surgery and was wandering where I can have it done in UK or Netherlands ? It’s still very new here in South Africa and my arm is driving me insane !!!

Any advise or suggestions would be most welcome !!!

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Hi Blueshift - have you done a site search? While you are waiting, you could use the search facility (magnifying glass icon to right of this page) - just put LVA into the box then hit return, all the previous posts about it will come up.

They are excellent however before any surgery you need to have a pre assessment including an ICG Lymphography scan to determine suitability for LVA surgery

Blueshift in reply to CCT67

Yes thanks so much.

I have had this done already and will arrange a consultation with them on skype

There is an outstanding team at the Oxford Lymphoedema Clinic. Just Google them for details. Private care only, and, as far as I know, not funded by BUPA. Good luck.

Blueshift in reply to LegsEleven

yes thanks a million!

Very responsive clinic , but costly for a private international patient,

Check out x

Thanks so much xx

And remember to arrange post care treatment as well. I.e. MLD, IPC or DOT do that your money won’t go to waste... Good luck 👍🏽

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