Does anyone get this

When I’m sitting on the loo my right leg hurts from top to bottom especially my calf it started by just going dead and pins and needles but now it’s painful. Anyone else have this problem.

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  • It’s nerve impingement. Try to avoid sitting too long. If you have constipation, increase fibre and water in your diet.

  • Hi lynora, I'm under a proffessor for my bowels i am using home irrigation next app is next month x

  • Does this happen when straining at stool?

  • Just when sitting on loo even for a minute

  • Yes I have had it several times GP says it' sciatica I also get it when laying in bed on my back trying to get to sleep so I have to keep changing positions until I get comfy for 2hr sleep it's a feeling like I am being crushed inside I get so depressed when this happens I take Gabapentin and Amitripylene for nerve pain and to help me sleep I have been told i can increase tbe dosage but i am so afraid of taking too many

  • I had it last night when I got into bed too, I sleep sitting up with 5 pillows and I’m already taking gabapentin but at docs on tues so I will mention it to her I have been lifting my right side of loo seat when been to toilet it’s that bad.

  • Good you are seeing Dr mine is like a sharp shooting pain like a rod going through your bum and down your leg when not on the loo it is fine til I get in bed so sometimes have to sleep on the sofa to get a good position or to sleep propped up with pillows

  • Do you have a bench or ottoman you can keep nearby and when you sit, put that leg, or both legs on it? Even a chair there could help maybe.

  • Yes I use a poufee that has been made higher to the same height as sofa and when sat at table I use another chair to rest my legs so every time I am sitting my feet are elevated with a cushion underneath this helps to relieve the pressure and helps to reduce the swelling

  • If you mean in the bathroom it’s to small for anything like that.

  • Bed bath and beyond has a small stepstool forthis purpose. I think it is around $15.

  • I have an electric rise and recline chair so my legs are up when sitting down.

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