Primary LE in feet and numb leg

I am 63yrs I have primary LE in both feet with severe ankle swelling the swelling gets worse unless i elevate both feet for several hours and some times days to reliefe the swelling. Today i was sat eating my tea at the table when my right foot and leg went numb I could not move so I waited until the feeling came back then moved slowly until I could sit on the sofa and stretch my legs I then was getting sudden slight chest pain i thought i was I being over anxious so i did deep breathing to relax am i being over anxious as i have had this going on for over a month some days worse than others.

Does anyone else get numb legs with LE. It left me feeing extremely tired so I took to my bed to sleep the chest pain has eased off i am worried what should i do. As I suffer with fatique dauly.

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  • Please, go and see your GP - any sudden change in symptoms (such as chest pain - slight or not!) must be investigated.

    I would have called 999!

    Please seek urgent medical advice.

  • Ok I will have telephone consulation and let them decide as it was only for a few seconds to 1 minute I was cold and tired feel better today after a long rest.

    But I will get it checked thanks

  • numbness lasts for few minutes is a benign condition that usually caused by prolonged compression of supplying nerves.It is better to change your position frequently.

  • Yes I always do but I think it is do with the severe ankle swelling GP says it' sciactia

  • I hope by now you’ve spoken with your GP for advice. Unusual or sudden chest pain should always be taken very seriously. I think it unlikely to be related to your LE. As for your getting periodic numb legs, have you changed your compression garments lately? If they are too tight you will have tingling and numbness - this occurs if I do my leg wraps up too tightly. Also, when you were having your tea and experienced numbness were you elevating your legs or were they dangling from the chair? If that latter that could explain numbness as your circulation would have been affected. I have bilateral full leg LE and elevate whenever I’m sitting even at the dinner table otherwise the oedema increases so much I’m in unbearable pain. Like you, elevation is the only thing that brings relief for my lymphie legs, along with manual lymphatic drainage

  • Good Day All,

    There is a machine which is being used in the US by the name of Flexitouch. Tactical Medical is the supplier. You can YouTube the device to see how it works and the science behind it. Good Luck with managing the pain. Oh, at times a cold compress helps with decreasing the pain, performing the self Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques, and dry brushing. Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Scar Tissue Restoration Practitioners

  • Unfortunately, Tactile Medical is not selling their devices in the UK yet. They are considering entering markets abroad but at this stage their are only available in the US. Nor will they ship any of their products outside of the US.

    The Flexitouch is a fantastic pneumatic compression pump mostly because it has 32 chambers (other pumps on the market only have 8-16 chambers) which results in drainage similar to hands-on MLD. Anyone wishing to buy a Flexitouch pump must have a prescription from a US doctor regardless of whether it’s being covered by insurance or paying privately. I live in the UK and jumped through various hoops to buy a Flexitouch 3 months ago. It was well worth the effort but did require a trip to the US to be assessed by the prescribing doctor, fitted by the Tactile rep to ensure proper sizing, receive the Flexitouch a few days later, and then trained by the Flexitouch trainer do ensure proper and most effective use of the machine.

    NHS trials of Flexitouch are currently being undertaken in Derby so hopefully in the near future Tactile Medical will enter the UK market

  • Thanks for letting me know. Here's to progress on Tactical Medical's part in 2018. Happy Holidays!

  • Thanks I was sat at the table eating my tea with my legs dangling as I thought for a few minutes it would not matter how wrong was I as I felt my right leg fill up and go numb could not move it so did breathing relaxation exercises to make myself feel more relaxed. I have not worn my compression stockings as I can not get them on.

  • Thanks for the advice yes both my legs were both dangling whilst sat at table now I use a footstool or have both legs raised on another chair whilst at the table

  • I live in the US and have one of the Flexi touch machines. I have had one for many years. I have lymphedema in both my legs so the garments go up my legs and around my torso. The machine aspect is very easy to use however the garments are impossible to put on. I have been in touch with the company for many years about redesigning their garments you pretty much need to have assistance in putting them on if you are you are carrying any extra pounds. The video makes it look very easy but it’s not. my partner has to help me put mine on and so with that given I don’t always do a daily massage. I am not sure why they don’t make their garments clothes in the front where it would be extremely easy to put them on but The way they are designed they are Velcro Road on the inner thigh facing backwards and you have to be bent over to do it. In fact I am looking for another solution where I can achieve the massage and be totally Independent.

  • I can not stand the pain in both my legs and back when the nerves are being compressed.

    It is too painful to sleep on my back as I feel my kidneys are being crushed the only way I can sleep is on my side for a few hours so fed up and feeling depressed that I will have to take more painkillers

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