Early treatment is vital. Dont be put off.

After 8 months i have at last got a proper, well fitting compression sleeve. My MLD therapist is pure magic. A specialist who diagnosed the cause as scar tissue in the armpit as a result of cancer surgery has managed to release this tissue so the lymph is able to flow. My arm has much reduced. Hand had been sausage fingered but now nearly normal. It is difficult to get efficient treatment but dont be afraid to dig your heels in. Early treatment is absolutely vital.

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  • Great to hear of a positive outcome xx

  • Yippee - at last! So pleased you have managed to get this sorted, and can we be told where it was? I don't see why we can't set up a list of good centres which we could pass around amongst ourselves. Then the good ones would become popular, and hopefully bad ones be made to improve. Was at the Britain Against Cancer conference today, and the gloom was like a curtain. Unless WE get up and improve matters, things are set to get worse by 2020 - and that seems to be official.

  • I am in Wales where the health service at large is struggling but their lympho specialists do appear to be special.

  • Are you by any chance near Wrexham?

  • No, I am being seen at Neath in South Wales

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