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Lymphedema and pregnancy- advice please!

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I've just found out I'm pregnant, I'm delighted of course but also concerned about how it might impact my lymphedema (left leg) and how I'll manage it during and after pregnancy.

Any experiences/advice would be much aporeixated

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There are many Lymphies who have some increased swelling in their Lymphie legs while pregnant than returns to their normal swelling after pregnancy. However there are also those whose increased swelling does not subside afterward. The likely explanation is the hormonal changes during pregnancy - hormones and the lymphatics are linked which is why for many their LE starts during adolencse, pregnancy, and peri menopause. It's not predictable how your Lymphie limbs will respond to pregnancy which is why looking after them with compression therapy, deligent skin care (to avoid cellulitis), and lymphatic exercise is so important during pregnancy. Perhaps you could discuss You concerns with your LE clinic?

Good advice from CCT67 - talk to your lymphoedema clinic. They may be able to provide you with maternity compression tights. I have several clients who have had successful pregnancies, with no detriment to the lymphoedema.

Big congratulations! As long as you keep using your compression stockings and speak to your lymph nurse you should be okay. My lymphedema started with pregnancy lymphedema and not a lot was known about the condition then. Keeping up with your daily 'lymph massage will also help with any extra swelling you may experience. Try not to let your condition ruin the magical experience of being pregnant. Best of luck, Yvonne x

No advice from me - just a great big ''Congratulations'' ! Follow advice from others here, and mostly, enjoy. Wishing you all the best.


Hi. I also have left leg lymphoedema and recurrent cellulitis. I just gave birth three months ago. This is my third child. Despite taking penicillin for life (also during pregnancy) my all children are healthly! It is proved that lymphoedema does not make huge difference in swelling during pregnancy. As you will gain weight of course your legs will be bigger. I used to bandage my leg every day plus stockings on top. For me it perfectly works. So enjoy your pregnancy! You can private message me if you want ask more details xxx

Congratulations. .. I've just had my baby 12weeks ago. I needed to have drainage massage each week untill birth. I also found my legs went down to normal ie way down for a fews weeks. Have just noticed my legs are back to lymph legs again.

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Thanks for your reply. Any tip or advice on what to/not to do during pregnancy? Also what did you wear? Most people seem to wear skinny jeans and leggings, obviously not an option for me

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Your lymphoedema clinic will be able to fit you with maternity tights or give you details where you can source leggings.

Exercise as normal and get to a pool whenever you can. Don’t eat for two - that’s a myth - but make sure you have a healthy diet.

Had a baby last year July and have primary lymphoedema right leg. It was very painful and swollen more than normal during pregnancy especially towards the end. I wore my stockings religiously but came to a point when I couldn't squeeze into them so I ended up buying a long crepe bandage and just bandaged myself up and had to put feet up on pillows etc. I had some massage (and acupuncture on non limphie areas and other leg) offered by the maternity unit - you might want to ask if there is anything offered at your maternity appointments. It took bout three weeks post birth for my foot to go downs little that I could fit into stockings and shoes. Speak to your clinic if you have one and a big congrats! 💝

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Thank you

Just joined this group,,, want to learn more about lipodema,,, dreaming to become pregnant, however worried about my lipodema,,,

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I don’t know about lipodema but my lymphedema was pretty stable during my pregnancy. I didn’t put on too much weight and kept active.

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Oh, mine is also lymphedema. Hopefully it stays stable during pregnancy with no complications. Let it be so. Thank you for reacting to my post and God bless.

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Good luck. It’s totally worth it, don’t let it stop you

I kept my stocking on during whole pregnancy and the birth, I even slept with one (I wear 2 on one leg)in the early days as I was up feeding so much. You’ll manage

Hello, does anyone have any experiences with upper extremity lymphedema and pregnancy?

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