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New Group For Men With Lymphoedema


I just want to share the news that there is a new support group on facebook for men with Lymlhoedema. "Men with Lymphoedema" is only a few days old and is open to all men with Lymphoedema and their supporters/family. This is an exciting development for men to grab the opportunity to be heard!

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Great News! Is there a URL / Link to this new site please?

Lynora in reply to Christo

It's a closed group on Facebook Christo - put the group title into the Search bar (on Facebook). I found it, there are 24 members. I didn't apply to join, cos I'm a female - you boys need somewhere to shoot the breeze!!!

Christo in reply to Lynora

Thanks Lynora, you really are a most valued source of info on this network!

Regards Christo.

AlanK in reply to Lynora

Lenora we would love to have you join us at Men With Lymphoedema. Our membership is open to ladies who are either family or supporters, which includes therapists like yourself. So please feel free to apply! :-)

Great news, I'm off to check it out now... 😎

I will look out for you bro! :-)

Great to hear of your new group! There are so many that have cropped up for us lady Lymphies that have cropped up over the past 2 years but nothing until now for Lymphie men 👍🦋

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