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Skin colour after cellulitis

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Hi all. I am recovering from my first bout of cellulitis which appeared for no apparent reason. The IV and oral antibiotics are working well and I think the infection is going or gone. I have noticed my skin tone is normal after being in bed with leg elevated at night but when I stand the blood seems to rush to the affected area giving it a bruised like raspberry tinge. Do those with experience of cellulitis know how long I might expect to see this colour change last and if anything can help my return to normal? Thank you.

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It can last for days/weeks/months! Depends on the individual. Keep the skin well moisturised, especially overnight while not wearing compression.

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ponygirl in reply to Lynora

Thank you, I will.

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In my experience (about 10 bouts of cellulitis over a period of 30 years) my skin has been stretched by the additional swelling the infection causes. At first I never wore compression when I had cellulitis however I used to find that when I had to get of bed to go to the loo my leg hurt like hell as the fluid ran into my leg. After about 1 minute things would stabilise but that first minute was very painful. I also found that my skin would dry out and flake off after 5-10 days. However last couple of times I've had cellulitis I've taken to putting on my compression before getting out of bed but only keeping it on while out I'm out of bed. This greatly reduced the pain and seems to have stopped my skin flaking too, presumably because my skin hasn't been stretched as much. Appreciate your cellulitis is now cleared up however your leg probably isn't back to normal and may never return to its previous size (mine didn't). To give your leg the BEST chance to recovery ALWAYS put your compression on before getting out of bed. In your position I would recommend taking baths rather showers unless you want to wear the compression in the show. It is great that your leg goes down when you're in bed, that's really good, but remember gravity doesn't have an off switch, its your friend when you're in bed with your leg up but your worst enemy when you're standing up without any compression to counter it.

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ponygirl in reply to Andy13

Thank you, that is very helpful. I was sorry to read you have had so many bouts of cellulitis and I hope it stays away from both of us for many years to come. I confess I have always been a bit tardy and often don my stockings after my morning cuppa but I know you are right in what you say so I will make myself put them on before I get up. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

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The way I see it it's more important to wear compression in the morning than the evening because if your leg gets fatter in the morning it will stay at least that fat all day however in the evening you can afford to relax a bit more (but only a little bit).

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Hello Andy13, I know it was 5 days ago but read the posts (LSN) as it is surprising what things crop up that you sometimes need to know yourself. I have had lymphoedema and bouts of cellulitis over 14 years now, and to tell the truth from my knees down to the feet are all colours, pinks, reds, browny patches, some bluey coloured ones. They have and guess never will be the same colour as they were before this curse. I know you should wear the compression stockings before you get up but I have such trouble sleeping often do not do as I should. It serves me right because my ankles and feet are like balloons.

So ponygirl, you must, must wear your support stockings and make sure that you do moisturise etc., do not be like me and only do it when I remember.

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ponygirl in reply to completely-zero654

so sorry to read your experience and ongoing challenge. I have definitely taken to heart the advice and don those pesky stockings before my foot touches the floor daily now I know the alternative is far more painful and difficult.

thanks for your reply.

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completely-zero654 in reply to Andy13

I agree with all you have said too Andy, yes it stings, burns all at the same time and you jolly well know about it to. Did not know so much fluid could collect around the ankles and burn/sting as much. I think I would put it in the same class as a Chinese Burn (used to "play" this as a kid, one would grab your arm and twist the skin in opposite direction), boy did that hurt. You soon let go of their ball or whatever it was you had been playing with. Kids eh! Seriously though it does feel just like that so I know where you are when speaking of this.

Good advice

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I have had numerous bouts of cellulitis during my 76 years. Over time the skin on my lower legs has altered to such an extent that it is now permanently a red/brownish colour and the surface is very 'knobbly'. All this despite looking after the skin very well indeed with moisturisation and wearing compression hosiery. My skin never really returned to normal following each bout of cellulitis and I was unable to wear my compression hosiery during the bouts as it was too painful and in any case I was having dressings changed daily over the course of a week by our nurse practitioner. She was using those impregnated with zinc/calamine lotion which certainly helped to cool down the infection. Best of luck and do take care.x

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ponygirl in reply to Anne16

Thank you for your reply. I was sorry to read your experience has not left you with a better outcome. Let's hope neither of us get cellulitis again.

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2571 in reply to Anne16

Could I ask you some questions about your cellulitis you can contact me at the number 540271-0657 you can text or call

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I had my 1st bout of cellulitis year ago and the skin has not really ever gone back to Kemal. It's very knobbly and has a rosy tinge. I am currently fighting cellulitis now so it's very red and rife with infected ulcers. I'm stuck in a vicious circle as the ulcers mean I can't wear any compression.

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ponygirl in reply to Ldd1412

So sorry to hear you are still battling with cellulitis. I wish you a very speedy recovery.

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Littleone84 in reply to Ldd1412

Something that may help you because of the severity of the situation is 1 if anyone is starting to listen to this and says okay I already know this about this drug I'm going to go on down and keep reading don't do that quite yet because I have some great information for all of you so just read through and at the end you'll get some information I believe what you help everyone but back to ldg 142 there is a drug called Neurontin and it has another name called Gabapentin it's the same thing but by the manufacturers name it does one tiny little thing different that has nothing to do with this but the point is this drug has been used for many things it's been a miracle drug for a lot of things if this originally used and it was allowed to be used by the FDA okay we all know it stops foot pain nerve pain scuse me mainly in the feet it is not FDA-approved because the simple fact once a drug is FDA-approved in the drug trials are over I've only got five years to make their money back because the patents gone no one is ever going to put the money back into it the proof that fix your feet all the doctors know that it takes pain away out of your feet especially people that have back injuries like I do so I can tell you first thing it does it it's a godsend it's a miracle but it takes time to work you got to give it time you got to know the correct dose which I'll give you. I do ramble on because I do have some experience and me personally we having this experience irritates me to death when a doctor don't take the time and he cut you short and does not explain things to you that you should know okay if you have things wrong in your feet or anywhere in your body you don't want to use Neurontin just for anywhere your body it just happens to be on the nerve Pathways down to your feet but if you have a problem in your feet are swelling well if your feet are getting inflamed that means you're getting bigger so if they're getting bigger what are they pushing on pause for second and think what are they pushing onTHE NERVES! So it's common sense to take medication that's non-narcotic don't let that scare you away cuz it's some of the most powerful stuff I've ever touched for particular reasons it's not for everything but it sure does work great for most things that they have found it to be good for so using anti-inflammatories steroids which is a stronger anti-inflammatory as well you can mix both Ibuprofen and steroids in the Neurontin anti-inflammatories are getting some of the swelling away and the you know rotten is taking killing some of the nerve pain taking it out of your mind basically so you will get relief if people go to pain management that means pain management that is that mean pain goes away forever this is the same case you may not see all pain go away we're all symptoms go away but you will see a noticeable relief of course I always keep your feet up when you can if you have heart problems be careful of that he don't want Schlitterbahn in back to your heart then you're taking more pills my answers are long but I try to be thorough so the average person can understand it when I do finally see this on my email I will try to answer back cuz some things I understand or kind of vague 4 / stated I just personally hate when a doctor says two words and walks out good luck

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Hello to answer your question I kind of knew the answer to mine but I was a little nervous so I was wanting some for the advice that's why I was on here with cellulitis yes it'll turn red it'll hurt it'll burn it will turn purple that's the blood if you put your foot up that helps but when you think it's about gone and you say oh it's just a little purple you get up start running around again it starts all over the purple starts coming back but maybe not as bad what you need to have done to get it gone and it may not be gone for life it lays dormant from what I understand I can come back at any point in time or never you need to take your butt up to the hospital and they hang IV bags on you and then I did that and I did not see of it for years and you also need to be checked back to what I just told somebody else when you have swelling in your feet and you have blood which is the purple can be the purple excuse me you can be a blood clot in your calf so it's time for you to go to the hospital and quit riding on this for the moment you should be putting your phone down and going to the hospital and after they diagnose you and you push them to diagnose you correctly then get back on the phone and ask questions I'm just trying to stress on you if it's a blood clot in your calf it could be catastrophic and that blood clot can cause purple in your foot and you know what happens after that not trying to scare you trying to save your life go to the hospital and no I am not a practicing doctor

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This is my second bout with cellulitis is less than 6 months. The 2nd time not as bad but the color never returned to normal and I'm about to finish my antibiotic regiment. I was very active before. I hope to go back to my boot camp classes. I hope the swelling goes away. Should I get compression socks ?

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