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Giving my legs some freedom


Morning all, got ready this morning got down stairs and thought something feels funny I looked down and realised I had forgot to put stockings on so decided to give my legs a day of freedom.

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It is good to have a day of freedom occasionally. As you say it does feel funny when you forget to put them in as you get so used to them. The lymphoedema in my arm has reduced dramatically at the moment so I have had a couple if days without my sleeve. I must ring my lymphoedema nurse and see if I can go without a sleeve as my arm is almost the same size as my other one and the sleeve is just too loose. I am on chemo at the moment so it seems to have reduced the lymphoedema which is great. Hope you enjoyed your day of freedom xx

it is a nice feeling but i cannot do it or my legs swell dramatically.

Oooh you're sooo lucky you can do that... my legs wld be very swollen n sore within the hour.. never get to keep stockings off.. it's a relief to get them on...

Me too gingaling b. Right leg, in particular, always sore, and when I have had a shower it is such a relief to put on the hosiery. I can put up with the soreness but not the feeling of steel ants pulling at the veins in my legs and the pain.

I like to do this on the odd occasion however the nurse goes mad at me for it she would have me swimming in them if you could🤣🤣🤣

Lynora in reply to Mel1313

I went to a conference in 2014 where we we told there is no benefit to wearing compression when in a pool - it's better to let the water get at your limbs, as it moves the skin if you are exercising (walking in water which comes up to your neck) and exerts a certain amount of pressure on the whole limb.

Mel1313 in reply to Lynora

I go swimming 3 times a week however my shoulders were really starting to expand with muscle s it's a Olympic size pool 💪 I have now started trying the running in water it seems to be very successful. I haven't had so much pain in my legs and I think the swelling from the cellulitis is starting to come down. Please tell me when I go for MLD do lady sometimes uses a machine ( ie I have to hold this little metal thing and she puts gloves on and just rubs all over my legs it's almost like sort of static ) on my legs however I have been finding that's my legs feel achy after words and my arm have you ever came across this before

Lynora in reply to Mel1313

Sounds like your therapist is using a H200 Deep Oscillation Therapy device. Does it 'sting' when she is using it on you? If it does, tell your therapist so that she can adjust the frequency. It can penetrate the tissues very effectively, so the achy feeling you describe may be a result of the DOT. However, if the achy feeling persists or makes you feel uncomfortable, please tell your therapist. I use the device too, but a couple of my clients prefer hands on treatment, so I stopped using the device on them.


Ouch, I caught my big toe today and never broke the skin but it has came up like a blister with blood under neath and really bloody sore shall I just keep an eye on it and make sure the skin doesn't break

Ditto re can't do it...I would say 1/2 hour at the most and they would be really swollen, I am so grateful someone invented the compression garment... which reminds me, I am from the US...does insurance in Europe pay for compression garment ? mine used to and now they won't anymore... they cost me $`1600/ much are they in Europe? (panty hose, highest compression Jobst).

GabbiD44 in reply to roset

Where in US? I am in Iowa! I wear Jobst to the knee, custom. Mine are $500/pair. So far insurance covers 4 pairs at 80%. I use my flex spending account to cover my balance!


I don't do swimming as I can't swim.

Trn20 in reply to Hidden

Hi hidden. You can still do aqua jogging/aerobics even if you can’t swim. Check your local pool for classes. The water is usually only to just above waist and the water resistance as you do the exercises is especially good for legs with lymph. Choose a low-impact class first and explain that you’re a non-swimmer.

I do that sometimes in the weekends. I am afraid I have been too lax over the holidays and will need to wrap tonight and tomorrow.

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