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Hi I have just discovered this site while searching the web for information about liposuction as a treatment option,I have had my lymphoedema since 2001 and have been lucky enough to have received excellent care and treatment from my local hospice after a tricky period with my GP practice getting a diagnosis and refferal to a lymphoedema specialist,it appears reading your posts that not much has improved over the years regarding early discovery of the condition and positive speedy treatment.

I have recently been referred to a doctor who specialises in liposuction as a positive treatment to reduce my swelling and after consultation I now have a date for surgery. I am apprehensive about the procedure but as someone who has had so many years of therapy and bandaging this could be the best option for me.If anyone has any thoughts or experience they could share I would be most thankful.Likewise if there is anything I can contribute to help anyone new to the treatments available I might have helpful answers regards to all Linda

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Hi Linda - who will be doing your surgery? I work with patients who have this procedure done successfully.

Libmeg in reply to Lynora

Hi lynora it's Mr Munnoch at Ninewells Dundee who I am under I am really excited about surgery but also a bit scared good to know you have positive thoughts on it would love to hear more from anyone who has been there x

Hidden in reply to Libmeg

Mr Munnoch, brilliant man. Met him at a conference and was very impressed.

You are very lucky to have found him and I believe he is carrying on without charging patients.

I know from Patients who have had the procedure that patience is required but all of them have had a very successful outcome although they have had to persevere with bandaging.

Very jealous if I'm honest. I' m deciding if I can spend £12 k on my procedure at St George's which seems unfair as they are now getting funding for Patients like me with secondary Lymphoedema but my CCG won't consider any more bids as they consider me to be unsuitable because I have Lipoedema as well. Been waiting for nearly 4 years.

Wishing you all the best.

Hi Linda, I'm interested to know why your having liposuction before LVA or LNT surgery? My daughter is having LVA surgery soon and her surgeon suggested liposuction might be an option after the anastomoses for the residual swelling?

Thanks in advance


Hi Linda. I started having symptoms in 2004 but wasn't diagnosed for quite awhile. I am have the liposuction (SAPL) surgery in February. Have done a lot of research on. I'm having the SAPL surgery because my leg no longer responds to MLD due to the fact that it is now all fibrotic tissue in leg. This has to be removed first so LVA can be considered later. I have met someone who has had this surgery done on both legs and stomach and is very happy with it. I have corresponded with another who is also very happy with results. While I'm nervous about surgery, I feel my leg is only getting worse. Want to address it before I get much older. When are you having your surgery? Please keep us posted. Best of luck to you.


Libmeg in reply to Snaomi

Hi snaomi I'm having my op end of March Hope all goes well for yours perhaps we can compare progress as year goes on I think maybe our legs have reached the same stage as it could be me writing your post I am glad I stumbled on this forum it's giving me hope regards Linda x


Hi Linda, welcome to our family you will get all your answers on here what ever your question, they are very clued up. 😁

Libmeg in reply to Hidden

Thanks Bev it's reassuring to read about experiences of others 😊

Hi Linda

Mr Munnoch performed lyposuction on my leg just over a year ago. The staff at Ninewells were fab and made sure I was pain free and as comfortable as possible after the op. It took a good few months for the swelling to go down but well worth the wait, as although not as thin as my 'normal' leg, it is much improved. The downside is that post surgery you will need to wear support hoisery 24/7. Let me know if i can help in any way. I hope all goes well for you.

Libmeg in reply to Blacky

Thank you, happy that your leg has responded well.I have over the years got very good about always wearing my garment but do enjoy and look forward to removing it at bedtime. I'm trying to look 👀 on the positive but having to sleep in the garment is not filling me with joy but I will have to again get used to it. You have come a long way well done x💐

Blacky in reply to Libmeg

Yes, wearing the garment at night is uncomfortable at first but you will soon get used to it. Everyone I have spoken to who has had liposuction by Mr M has been thrilled with the results so please don't worry - look forward to getting your life back.

I was speaking to someone about this, but they were not convinced so will be interested to see if it works. I have lymphoedema because I had lymph nodes removed and therefore water in my body cannot drain effectively. I am not convinced liposuction will help as it will drain it away, but why will it not come back as it does after any treatment ???

Libmeg in reply to julesab

Hi I have thought long and hard about going forward with this procedure,I have seen fantastic results over the years with treatment and bandaging and my leg volume has remained contained for the past few but is still way too big and bulky next to my slim leg.I am now faced with accepting this size leg or trying new ways and after much searching have decided this procedure could give me good results. I will still need to wear my garments and will still have the condition but hope that reduction in volume will be contained with the right aftercare. I will share the experience and hope with all my heart it proves successful x

Blacky in reply to julesab

It does work but it is important to remember that it not a cure. I still have to wear compression garments and have monthly mld to keep it under control - which up to now I have managed to do.

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I know half a dozen patients who have had Liposuction in the correct way for secondary Lymphoedema and all have had a brilliant result.

You are quite right to think the lymph will come back but not if Patients follow the correct post op regime and wear hose 24/ 7 for the rest of their lives.

My clinic had not heard of it and said I would have to pay for it as it would not be on NHS !

I was told at the lymphoedema clinic in Saint Georges that the only suitable place for liposuction was in Austria I also had to see whether I could deal with a very strong compression garments afterwards. I tried them on after not being able to get them over by legs decided against it. Obviously reading the above there has been some developments

Libmeg in reply to DeborahE

Hi Deborah I live in Scotland where I will be having op I have been wearing class 4 support on my leg fo as long as I can remember now It Was very difficult in the early days to bear but with time I can now put them on and off like a normal stocking,you should persevere for they do make a difference. I now feel uncomfortable if I do not have garment on.Please try support again you will get used to it Take care 😊

linda5151 in reply to Libmeg

hi linda hope everything goes well with op have lymphodema in right leg due to cancer and having lymph nodes removed would love to hear of your progress

Libmeg in reply to linda5151

Hi Linda thank you for your support My lymphoedema started as a result of cancer op too will be sure to share the results and progress X

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