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Lymphoedema in chest?

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Hi all,

This is my first post. Found this forum while researching symptoms.

Breast cancer in 2008 at 46 followed by mastectomy and removal of all lymph nodes in right arm pit. About 2 weeks ago developed a severe pain in upper arm which moved overnight into chest. The pain is still severe and feels like a brick in my chest. I think there is slight swelling too but I can't be 100% sure.

Doctor has referred me back to the breast clinic but I don't know how long that will take.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.



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You could call the clinic direct to explain your recent symptoms - they will probably see you sooner than waiting for a referral. I had breast cancer in 2001. In 2013 I was suspicious about pain in my affected chest wall. I rang the clinic and they saw me two days later. Nothing cancer related, but costochondritis in the ribs on that side.

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Carol1894 in reply to Lynora

Thanks something to think about.

Hi Carol - did your doctor check your heart/ECG? Just concerned about your description of "brick in chest" feeling

Not yet I'm hoping to hear from the hospital any day now, the Dr's told me to contact them if I haven't heard by Friday.

Hi Carol...exactly this happened to me and symptoms made doctor assume heart attack as pain in the chest etc. However it was lymphodema that had moved from the arm to the breast My physio managed to move the lymph fluid on by massage. Hope you get it sorted but do mention the possibility of lymphodema.

Thank you Hillee, hospital appointment on Tuesday so I'll mention that. Fingers crossed that that's all that it is and a physio can put me right too

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Hillee in reply to Carol1894

Good luck Carol....let me know how you get on but sounds so similar to my experience and I too had mastectomy and total lymph clearance. The brick in the chest feeling was the same but the massage and kinetic taping was successful in moving the fluid around. I am very lucky though because I have access to an exceptional physio who specialises in lymphodema. Everyone else, including A & E thought it was my heart.

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Carol1894 in reply to Hillee

How long did you wait between noticing symptoms and treatment?

Only a couple of days because I was really worried as although I was used to the lymphodema feeling in my arm it had never travelled to chest before. However most GPs don't know enough about the condition so that is why I was sent tonA & E who suspected heart. I did contract cellulitis after that episode and needed antibiotics. How are you feeling now?

OK thanks I'll put an update on tomorrow.

Went to breast clinic yesterday and had an ultra sound which was clear. They think it might be a problem with the implant, so I'm back to see the reconstruction clinic on Friday. Will update the thread with the outcome.

Hi Carol - how did it all go for you? Hope you're ok :)

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