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I have never been told, where does the fluid go when it has been wrapped up? and why after "resting" does the swelling subside then to return and sting like mad after? I suppose it is something to do with gravity!!  some people lose the fluid, does it return? Where on earth does it go?

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It's absorbed into the lymphatics, and eventually eliminated through the usual channels!!!  But concerned that you are experienced 'stinging' - what sort of compression are you using?  What form of lymphoedema do you have and which limb is involved?

Morning Lynora thank you for replying to me. Bandages at present and just the thick toeless glamour stockings when the bandages are off and nothing is worn when having an attack of cellulitis. The stinging happens when feet and legs are raised also if been on feet too long. Guess it is the fluid going back into the lymph node system. It is primary lymphoedema in both legs, ankles and feet. Also for a month now my right arm has swollen and this too stings like mad. It is especially around the elbow/upper arm area. It is puffy and I have pressed it to test and it is fluid. Have not been to doctors, it takes a month of Sundays to see him and do not want to bother anyone about it. Guess it has decided to go there now. Not to worry though, can not do anything about it.

What does your therapist advise, or are you self-bandaging?  If doing it yourself, you may be wrapping too tight.  You really should see a GP or contact your clinic.

The lymphatic system is a fine network of tiny tubes that pick up the fluid, drain it into lymph nodes, and then on into other lymphatics and eventually drain it into the blood system somewhere up near the top of the chest. When the system is not working well, because of damage or blockage, gravity causes the fluid to collect in the lowest areas, causing swelling in the legs or wherever. The tissues may become a bit tender, but the stinging may be due to something else, such as cellulitis, so should be checked out. All the best! 

Thank you for replying to me Mon1caM. Bodies eh! This Lymphoedema/cellulitis is horrible. Have had it for 6 years and it has left awful marks on feet and legs, patchy marks all different colours, mauvey, bluey, brown. It is either trousers or maxi skirts to cover up all the paraphanalia. Shoes, I dislike wearing but have done all my life.  Never mind, there are people much worse off I should not grumble so much. Take care and thank you.

bless you been there and through all that, like you I have lymphedema in both legs and have similar regimes. The fluid is pushed back into the lymphatic system and eventually excreted from the body, gravity, massage and elevating the limbs all help. I do find the warmer weather often makes my legs want to swell more as anybodies. Good luck with your treatment, I do get occasional episodes of stinging, a lot of GPs aren't totally aware of treatments which is frustrating at times, x

Dear Morganite, thank you so very much for your understanding. The summer is out for me because I love my gardening and I used to do such a lot but now you have to be wrapped up like a mummy because of this awful ailment and your right the warmer weather does make them worse. I was not sure at first, like where did it spring from? Then after going to the doctors the first time it happened I then read up about it online and have disliked it ever since. Because even now (I am 53 nearly) I never ever like/liked wearing gloves or as a child "put your shoes on" mum would say. I never did. Take care, 

You're right about the hot weather making things worse. I couldn't quite figure out why I felt so much better at night. So now I try to do most of my jobs at night, even the gardening . As I live in a very hot area of Spain (30C to 40C during the day ) this is not considered at all strange - think of long siestas .

P.S. Even the animals sleep through the day and are active at night . They must know better than us .

I agree, I'm 58 had this for 6 years, it cost me my nursing career, I didn't get any understanding not even within the nhs. That how I know there is a lot of ignorance about it and how it changes peoples lives, It changes your body image, I cant wear nice shoes, I live in trousers, I also think as I discovered its not accepted in a lot of areas to be a disability and id like to see theose bandaged up in bulky tight bandages trying to manage, but we all plod on and people on here are very supportivex

Morganite I am really so very sorry to hear that this has happened to you. To cost you your nursing career is to me very sad because nurses etc., are one in a million and, I know it takes a special person to do this work. You are right though, I am relatively new to this site and only found it by mistake. So pleased I did because people here are supportive and they all know how this affects you both medically and mentally. I wish the nhs and doctors would take a look and then perhaps they just might realise just what we all go through. Take care now 

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