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Safety Shoes


Hi there anyone know where i can get safety shoes for Lympodema

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Do you mean safety shoes for the work environment? Ones that come with reinforced toe caps? I had a client who was a prison officer - he was 6.5ft tall, with size 15 feet and had lymphoedema in both lower legs. He had to have safety boots made for work - 2 pairs a years. He also used to buy reinforced boots from Screwfix!

Have you tried googling 'safety boots'- I just did, and 87 million sites were available!!!!

YES ! The one and only Cosyfeet in UK. Their service is second to none! Very very helpful and they will post anywhere.

I have to have boots made for m at the hospital, as not even cosy feet shoes fit me ( although I get my extra roomy socks from there)

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