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Exercise with lymphoedema


Hi does anyone know if pilates exercise is alright if you have secondary lymphoedema in the arm? Thanks

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Hi - Pilates is very gentle but effective and I think it would be very beneficial. NNE

Very beneficial. Make sure the instructor is aware of your medical history, so that she/he can be made mindful of certain movements that should be avoided initially.

Hi, I've been doing pilates for 3 years in a class led by a physiotherapist and it has done wonders for my arm

I have secondary in my leg and did Pilates for a while afterwards at a class specifically for women who had cancer. I found it very beneficial - teacher was aware and told me when I needed to modify any of the excercises. I found it very helpful both mentally and physically - good luck

I have been doing pilates for several months have secondary from my toes to my waist and a hip replacement 6 months ago am doing fine as long as you explain to the instructor.I also found it very helpful mentally and physcially. Go for it.

I swear by Pilates. I have secondary lymphodema in my arm and have done Pilates for years with a physiotherapist who limits the class to 6 all who have a need for rehabilitative Pilates. Excellent.

You should be in contact with a Lymph nurse --mine told me to excercise but always use compression garments. Hope it helps.

Hi all, I also do Pilates and highly recommend stepup-speak out.org. There is a wealth of info including handouts for fitness,yoga and Pilates instructors. I have given copies to all my instructors and they were very grateful, only one knew about lymphoedema. I have also found that swimming is a great exercise. I wear compression sleeve for all exercise except swimming.

Just wanted to reiterate what AussieElaine already mentioned. Swimming is considered to be the best exercise. Not only swimming in itself is a fantastic exercise, but one has the benefit also of receiving a 'free' massage as well.

I just want to echo all the above, but to add that my physio suggested wearing an 'old' sleeve in the pool to make swimming even more effective, saying the combined pressure would be more beneficial. So I do that if I think my arm needs a bit more help. I have been going to piloxing (pilates/boxing/zumba combination) but do wear my sleeve and have told the instructor about my arm. Mainly the only thing I modify is not keeping my left arm in the same held position for any length of time. But it is certainly improving the muscle tone in my arm as well!

Yoga is also very good. The Lymph Care Clinics in Dudley provide yoga classes free of charge. More authorities should provide this service. Shortly moving to Cornwall and there seems very little support down there.

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