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New to Lymphoedema and Cellulitis


Hi Guys. I'm after some advice. Im 43, male, morbidly obese at 22 stone and 5 ft 7 inches tall.

Over the last two years my legs have been swelling, left more than right. I have had four episodes of cellulitis and antibiotics . Now I look back my legs have been swollen for a bit and certainly red. I had a red patch on my foot for some time.

The last episode was bad with swelling so I couldn't flex my legs properly and both feet heavily blistered. It was agony to walk. The hairs on my legs seem to have fallen off as well and the thighs were also swollen- the back of the knee had raw skin. The antibiotics got rid of the infection but the swelling still seemed there.

My aunts who has always been obese had the same issues starting in her forties. She saw my legs and said I should try support pantyhose or tights- no one would know. It works for her.

Desperate for improvement and to avoid further medication I ordered some off the Internet and have been wearing them

After two weeks of wearing ordinary 70 denier tights I have seen an amazing difference. My legs are less swollen, I can flex them and the redness has gone out of them.

They were really itchy and flaky- I was scratching them in my sleep so I wore some lighter ones in bed. The result is dramatic.

My question; is this a good legitimate long term solution? I tried the knee high ones and they just didn't work , Chaffed or fell down so the tights are the only ones to work.


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Thanks so much

I have been obese, we'll all my life, got to 40 and the symptoms of morbid obesity have cought me up

Weight: trying to loose Now. Was frightened as when it was really swollen it was painful and difficult to walk

On low salt diet

Considering band to help

I suppose I was trying to get if wearing support tights is a genuine symptom manager. Two weeks of daytime wear and my swelling is way down, redness gone and walking better than ever- well for a few years.

I look up those garments you linked to


Have you actually been diagnosed with Lymphoedema?and have you been referred to a clinic? What does your GP think? Weight loss would be the most important issue firstly and before you wear compression hosiery you should really be assessed and measured by a Lymphoedema specialist.

MerseyIain in reply to Julia-25

I'm on the waiting list for the hospital but just took advice from my aunt who has it. And then saw the result! I have had quite a few bouts of cellulitis, the last one horrendous and near hospital admission.

You will need something stronger than ordinary tights for long term management, but you have proved to yourself that compression therapy is essential for controlling swelling. There are specific tights available for men, you would probably need custom made as you are obese. Every episode of cellulitis further damages the lymphatics and will potentially increase swelling. If you have had more than two episodes of cellulitis a year you should be put on long term antibiotics as a preventative measure. The guidelines are available from the Lymphoedema Support Network or British Lymphology Society and give your doctor the information needed to deal with cellulitis in lymphoedema. The clinic should help you with this and with compression hosiery when you have your appointment. There is no need for anybody to pay for hosiery in the UK, there is a huge range available on prescription. The stumbling block is finding a clinic in the first place.


I understand the waiting list is a further 16 weeks so my thought was to wear these 70 denier support tights through till then as a way of managing things. I think my gp may well have just referred me to the obesity clinic in the first place although he talked about Lymphoedema and the effect of cellulitis

My left leg now looks a bit like the right one after just a week of wearing them

Good info thanks Merseylain.😊👍😀

It certainly has helped me to rethink about following the idea of wearing just ordinary tights which I have fleetingly thought about but I just kept on wearing the knee highes so thanks for your info. Best wishes Dodi.xx😊👍

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