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Attractive compression tights that don't look "medical".

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What's the least medical looking -ie I still look in my 30's, not 104 - tights out there? Do any just look like nice opaques? *hopeful face.

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Juzo have a good selection - in different colours too!

Totally agree with u Jo, My compression garments are all brown and indeed I look like a real grandmother. It would be nice if they were making some black ones or even better transparent, invisible ! :-). It is annoying enough to put off with them and to have to wear them every freaking day.

if we have to wear them for life and nobody cant find a real cure for us, can anyone come up with some garment a little bit more sexy! It is expensive enough !

JOBST make coloured compression garments, ive got navy stockings knee length

JOBST does not seem to manufacture gauntlet to press on fingers. My left arm and finger are affected.

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Ap8440 in reply to Bluedolffin

Hi I wear Mediven made to measure knee highs They do Navy / black / pale blue / magenta

They just kept ordering me beige then I asked about coloured and now choose . ( I get mine on prescription . It would be nice to be able to get lighter weight ones for warmer weather as these are so hot .

I often wear a pair of opaques over my 'skin colour' compression - it works well. Juzo do have some fab colours too and solidea do a class 1 compression legging that may work over your usual compression - as it is class one and they are soft, they will not give you a torniquet effect at the ankle - the style is Wendy and you can get them from John Bell & Croydon on Wigmore Street; or on line at DayLong. Solidea also do another legging called Silverwave (you will need the LONG style and you will find them in the sports section of the webpage); they are also great for wearing over compression and you can get those from a - they come in white, grey, black and mocha. Good Luck, NNE

Check these out!

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bathsheba in reply to Lynora

Thanks, Lynora. The juzo ones look really good!

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morganite in reply to Lynora

itsnice to knoe of other companies will look, thanks for sharing that

Sigvaris Diaphane are the most sheer I know of. Jobst do Ultrasheer. As others have said, Juzo do the most colours in their Soft range. All these brands are available on prescription

This is great thanks very much everybody. I'll investigate. Thanks

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