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power plates ?


Hi everyone do you know if power plates help our condition? Has anyone tried ?

My friend recently passed a fitness studio and there was a sign outside listing

all the advantages of going on one it said excellent for lymphatic drainage. Not sure

if thats good for us lympies any advice welcome xx

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I have a few clients who use this device and absolutely love it, and feel that it is beneficial for their lymphoedema. A couple of others tried it, but decided a good walk in fresh air was better!

Those who use it in a local gym, also swim as part of their routine. Perhaps it is the swimming that is doing the trick?

Perhaps you ought to give it a try, and then decide if it's 'for you'.

hi lynora thanks for your reply i would love to swim but unfortuatly im allergic

to the chloride they put in the pool even if i get straight in the shower i come up in

red welts that take weeks to go. I tried in a privite pool in a hotel as they dont use as much

as a public pool but i still reacted.I might try the power plates and see but it all comes down to money with me im on such a low income ill have to save up first

many thanks

Alison x

I have had mixed reports. it is quite intense exercising on one if you are using it correctly and of course you must wear your compression. the vibration of the plate is really strong. my advice would be to ensure that the instructor really knows what they are doing but the power plate system is better than the other 'wannabes on the market'. NNE

ok thanks for replying NNE i will give them a call and find out some more information

Alison x


I am a primary lymphie and used the power plates with a personal trainer about 2 years ago following my work out.

As an individual I enjoyed using it, but it didnt like me.

I wore my compression every time I went to the gym and each time the sensations I felt under my skin was unbearable.

At a time when I should be cooling down and stretching to end my routine the power plates increased this horrible sensation.

My GP said it was the increase of lymph flow due to increased activity. For me it feels like a million ants crawling under my skin which would start at the limbs and spread all over my body.

As a result my skin feels like its burning and I would be in tears scratching and rubbing myself all over due to the pain.

I cancelled my gym subscription...

As a result I am now aware I cant rush about even though I am more than capable.

I walk and have recently started to go to aqua classes.

I know this is just my experience but felt it was worth sharing what the effect of the vibrations of the power plate had on me.

Hi thanks for replying that sounds horrid !! ill bare that in mind thanks x

what is a power plate? Is it the same as a Circulation Booster? If so all well and good. If not, does anyone have experience with a Circulation Booster.?

Hi a power plate is a machine you stand on and it vibrates very fast people use it in gyms

because of the vibration the muscles have to work even harder to keep balanced.Its popular

for toning up the whole body.They say its good for lymphatic drainage because where your

jiggling about so much it gets the fluid moving.I f heard mixed reports though if its good for us

lymphies.Ive not heard anything about a circulation booster as yet

Thanks Alison, It sounds like Vibration Therapy and covers different machines plus a walking machine also as practised in New Zealand. I belonged to such an outfit but after six months the business went bust as the machines kept braking down and were very difficult to get repaired, But yes the vibration Theraoy was marvellous and did marvellous things for my lymphati problems I cannot endorse them enough...Go to it! I now live in Eastern Europe

Thanks pushkin can i ask what limb is effected ? i have swelling in my right leg and pelvis area.Im a bit of a woss about trying new things i always worry it will make my swelling worse.But i think i will try it i could

start by just a few mins.

I just loved the vibration therapy

....very very good I followed it with a far infra red sauna...felt marvellous. What were you thinking of trying?

hi pushkin my friend has a vibraplate you stand on it and go go go !!!!!!!! its the same as a powerplate

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