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Lympha Press Compression Therapy Open Day - Southport


A HUGE thank you to the lovely people in the North West, specifically Southport and the locality, who attended the Open Day at The Radiant Skin Clinic in Kew, Southport, yesterday. it was great to see so many of you and we hope that your introduction to the Lympha-Press Compression Therapy system has given you food for thought in the management of your lymphoedema and Lipoedema. Being proactive in the management of your condition is crucial and Lympha-Press has a very important role to play. If you would like more information or to have an Open Day in your area; please don't hesitate to ask us. NNE

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Do you have any plans for an open day anywhere in Scotland?

Hi Elee - yes we will be doing open days in Scotland in the New Year; please look out for details . NNE

hi NNE i would need a press thats covers up to the waist as my leg swells but i have more pain

and swelling in the grion area. It will be a long while before i have the money for this as ive had

to cut my work hours by half. Could i ask for a rough figure of how much these cost?

Hi ours cost approx £3000 about 2 years

ago I've only praise for it and the service I

have had.

You could try to apply on the NHS if you

had some doctor's backing.

The firm could give you some research articles I expect.

Good Luck X

hi is it possible you could please send me link with info many thanks x


It's compressiontherapyuk

I tried the other people - it was

horrible and we had to pay for the trial and it took our legs some time

to recover!


ok thankyou ill check it out xx

ok thankyou i hear only good things about the press i will look into it x

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