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Cycling with arm Lymphoedema


Hi, is anyone cycling with arm Lymphoedema. I have been cycling for exercise but am not sure if it is a good idea. It saves me a lot on petrol costs as I am an Avon representative. I was diagnosed 3 months ago and I do think my arm has got slightly larger, not sure what the reason is though. I have been performing SLD every day and exercises. I have also been on four flights and whilst on holiday I did not wear my sleeve when I was by the pool sunbathing as I was regularly in and out the pool.

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Hi king 6368, I am glad that u ask that question cause I wonder as well. From my experience, I had to stop long trips cause it was generating some back pains. I think it is due to the balance of my limbs not equal. Yoga and swimming are the one of the best.

My arm seems to swell if the ground I'm travelling over is bumpy, I have tried to not grip the handlebars too tightly as well, but I'm not the most confident rider!

I don't think the cycling is totally to blame for the change in shape or increase in volume - it could be a combination of factors. When you are abroad, and sunbathing, keep the affected limb strategically swathed in a scarf of some kind - I use a very large silk square. Always cover yourself with Factor 4000 (50 or above!!) especially on the affected limb. The lymph is struggling to get out of the affected arm - and because much of the lymph is hanging around in the layers of skin, not wearing some form of 'shade' can mean that the lymph builds up in the arm, as the body is trying to cool the surface down by pushing out fresh lymph - but the lymph already stalled in a lymphoedematous arm has no where to go etc etc etc - can you see where I'm going with this?

Is the SLD you are doing effective? Was it demonstrated or did you get the info from another source? Some of my ladies come to me (I'm a therapist) and are doing what they can to help themselves - they just need a few tweaks.

My Mum was an Avon Lady in the 60's - teetering about town in her smart (home stitched) suit, on 4 inch heels, carrying her blue Avon bag! I used to love when one of the products came off production, as I could add it to my own 'toy' chemists shop!!! Mini - lipsticks were my favourite!!!

king6863 in reply to Lynora

Ha ha, love the image of your mum, that's not quite me, in my flats and sometimes on my bike, with my 12 year old stomping along behind. Thank you for your advice, i think you may be right that the sunbathing may be more at fault. I will shade my arm next year, do you go without the sleeve though when round the pool or on the beach. I did not use the highest factor either as I am dark skinned and tan easily.

I am not sure if the SLD is effective really. I cannot say if it is reducing at all, i took one measurement myself after i got back from hols and it has stayed the same, it is 2cm bigger than my other arm. I was only given an instruction sheet and a quick demo of how lightly to press. I did pay for MLD at the beginning twice so i have used one of these as a guide, I will say the other one I will never go back to as she pushed very hard and I know that isn't right. I have only been to lymph clinic once as recently diagnosed (3months). Do you think it would be worth paying £50 for more MLD. I found an american video online of SLD and have copied this the last two days which incorporates the arm also. The Lymph clinic SLD sheet only covered the chest area and deep breathing.

Like Fridlie I try not to keep my lymphie arm in too fixed a position and flex my fingers when I remember but it's tricky!

Thank you for all your advise, it has really helped me understand more and I will carry on with a little more confidence

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