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Under the Farrow wraps wow it is sore and it itches

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I am going to take them off and wash my legs put cream on . I am rather fed up it has to be said! Sighs right here I go. xgins

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Okay that feels better I have put a pair of leg height (forgotten the name) like stretch bandage. Better will try farrows again tomorrow. xgins

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Hi Gins ,i have started wearing Farrow wraps on Saturday and i wear lining stockings first then farrow wraps over the lining stockings .I have found that with the lining stockings there is very little itch ,check it out ,don't throw in the towel,i am with you all the way ,stay calm ,be cool ,and be patient .Rome wasn't built in a day ,it will take time but you will get there ,believe me .

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Morning Yes I wear the silver linings too (grey socks) The difference in my legs is amazing but I do pop (struggle) into bandages at night. Very hot it has to be said but if I dont they start swelling even with the bed raised at the end.. Something bit me under my knee hence the itch - dont need that really must not scratch what itch I have no itches today. I am off to build rome :) xgins Have a good day!

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I saw the doctor today result penicillin and cream for leg which is inflamed and nasty but not sooo bad YET!

He had never seen farrow wraps and was amazed how they work but his knowledge of how they are used is so small still I can get help here which is fantastic :) xgi

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There are many youtubes videos that demonstrate self-manual drainage. Heather has made two about neck and abdomen drainage affecting leg lymphedema and you should watch them. We all should. I wear liners for the Farrow leg wraps and never had an itching problem. Have been wearing them for many years. My legs feel so much better using them and putting on compression stockings when leaving home.

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hi gins

uh oh, cellulitis alert!

the usual advice is not to use compression while you've got an infection in the lymphoedema, cos you don't want to help it spread

hope things are going a bit better

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Ginsing in reply to norberte

I did not know that so no compression when have cellulitis makes sense thanks :)

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But it has not been confirmed as cellultis has it? Its just an insect bite? Obviously it could turn into cellulitis. I use Germolene Antiseptic Cream's an effective treatment for minor cuts and grazes, minor burns, scalds and blisters, stings and insect bites, spots and chapped or rough skin. Phenol and Chlorhexidine have antiseptic properties for the disinfection of skin, wounds and burns.

Phenol also has a local anaesthetic action to relieve pain - and itchiness which I find so useful. Hope its just an insect bite and will heal up by itself and not start a chain reaction.

Best wishes

Tina x

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