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Compression Garment Questions

I am a student of Biomedical Engineering in Australia looking into the commercial market of compression garment applicators. I would very much appreciate if anyone who wears, works with, or knows someone who wears compression garments could answer some questions (as many as you'd like). Please reply or email answers to

- What pressure rating is the stocking(s)? What pressure ratings do you/patients experience the most problems with?

- What brand(s) of the stockings do you wear/work with? What is the most common?

- What is the your age/approximate age range of the patient(s) wearing compression garments?

- What symptoms(s) does the stocking alleviate? For what condition is this prescribed?

- Are you/the patient able to apply the stocking yourself/themselves? If no, who assists?

- Is an application aid used? Which one? (this includes devices, gloves, and creams) if so, which other applicators have you tried?

- If an applicator device was available which made application of your garment very quick and easy easy, how much would you/the patient pay for the device? If this is a nursing home, how much would the institution pay for this device? (approximately)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Hi, my compression garments are class 2, they are made by Daylong, I wear an open less toe full tight. Problems have been very hot in summer, can rub an d make skin sore. Not easy to get on and I am able bodied! I am 39 years old and I have Primary Lymphoedema in both legs. I am able to put on my own tights not easily! I make sure I use creams on my legs every day and I wear rubber washing up gloves to ease putting on of my tights. I am happy to answer any other questions you have, you can contact me by email Good luck with your course.


hi n8th8n

great to see someone interested in improving aids

are you concentrating on stockings? if you want to know anything about what it's like to wear compression gloves / sleeves / corsets / knickers etc there are people here who can help you out with those as well

good luck with your research


hi, bravo for an aussie looking into compression help. I am 36 with primary lymphoedema in both legs. I have so far always worn closed toe pantyhose with compression getting higher over the 25 yrs since diagnosis. I currently wear jobst ultrasheer 20-30 mmHg, but am about to be farrow wrapped and moving into the world of custom made higher compression. I have extreme issues with getting them on , much swearing and fatalities over the years. I am allergic to latex so wear cotton gloves. Trying to get garments on in summer is murder and i often wish i could take my legs off. As a disabled pensioner i would probably say up to $50. I've never had an aid so have no idea of other costs. I too live in Australia so feel free to ask any other questions. Good Luck with the reearch.


Thank you for the responses. I can only begin to understand what you are going through. Hopefully there will be some relief in the future.

If others feel they want to contribute, please do by answering the questions.


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