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Christmas Trees and Asthma


I was at the farmers market this past weekend looking at wreaths. They are so beautiful-especially the live ones!

I am really allergic to trees, cedars, etc. We were discussing it and the conversation changed to “how do you store your “fake tree”? Is it in a clean space/box? Does it gather dust?

It’s something to think about especially if you have asthma!

Please share your thoughts about Christmas and living with asthma!

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I looked up how to clean an artificial tree this year because the whole decorating thing is super harsh for me. It is recommended to brush and wet wash them. I didn't have the patience, time, or lungs to wet wash, but I did take it outside and brush it off. Helped a lot! I need to invest in storage boxes for it to keep it from collecting dust while not in use. Currently it is stored in it's original boxes and taped shut on all edges. The rest of the decor and ornaments are stored in plastic bins. They get dusted every year when put away, but they are still really bad when we put them out. I look forward to hearing what others have to say.

We store ours in plastic-tarp Christmas tree bags, suspended from garage ceiling. ( away from possibly damp floor). My husband takes them out doors to open the bags, as well as blowing them off with an air compressor. I wear plastic gloves to decorate, sometimes also wearing a mask. Ornaments are stored in plastic boxes, & now I have tossed many original old/questionable paper boxes. Again storing above possibly damp floor.

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