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Introduction/Quick Question

Hi there, Health Unlockeders!! {Hmm, is that even a word?!} My name is Adelyn & I'm 22. I've had asthma & allergies/hayfever most of my life.

I have a quick question for you all, although I'm not sure l'll be able to ask it in a way that actually makes sense, so if you all look at me with a face displaying utter confusion, I'll know that it didn't make any sense whatsoever hehe! Here goes! So, at the beginning of my asthma attacks, when my chest starts to tighten, it feels sort of tickly, and as though it's a lot harder to breathe out, but I can still seem to breathe in fairly fine, I just breathe a lot faster. I usually cough a lot during an attack, and as it worsens, it feels like air isn't getting out at all, and then I also have a lot more trouble breathing in, due to the coughing etc. I'm just going to note here, that I never, ever, ever wheeze. Well, maybe once or twice, but hardly ever, that I can hear/feel at least. Anyway, it gets to the point where I can't get any air out, and I can't get any in, although I'm sure that's mostly due to the fact that there's no room left in there. My main question is, does this sound like a typical attack, as I know a lot of the time, people say that they feel like they can't get air in when their chest tightens, but getting it out is fine?? Whereas, for me, the coughing makes it extremely hard to breathe in, but breathing out feels almost impossible, not so much the breathing in.

Ahh, very sorry for the huge ramble!! This is something I have wondered about for a while, and thought that this might be the place to ask. Hopefully my question does somewhat make sense, and once again, I apologize for the essay of a question!! Very much looking forward to meeting you all!! xx

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Hi adelyn, this is not super helpful but I did have a dim recollection of a doctor telling me once that, yes, the exhalation of breath was really the issue. Like if you couldn't empty the lungs you couldn't refill them...

I would definitely ask a doctor to explain the process to you if you really want to understand it.

Good luck!



Hi! Its called cough variant asthma, I have the same thing. Your chest feels like its going to explode because you can't push the air out. My asthma is fairly well controlled now, but I'll never forget that feeling. The key is to know when its just starting and get the medicine you need to treat it right away.


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