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Living with Anxiety
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What can you let go of?

The thoughts that insurance may or may not be renewed

The struggling with bad thoughts

The considering using medication to help my son focus in school

The believing I am ugly and stupid

All of these are floating down the river like leaves rushing over the falls and far away

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Let them float away honey xxx


You made me smile lovely Florida. Letting them float away yes...

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Hello Starrlight :-)

Of to Doctors in a bit and just saw your post

I am so grateful we have the NHS and can only imagine this Insurance that you need how much pressure it puts on you

Now to the Insurance

Have you done everything you can to try and get it renewed ?

I know the answer is yes , so for now it is out of your hands , you have done all you can do so let it go and when and if there is anything more to do then you will deal with it :-)

The bad thoughts

They are magnified with the anxiety you are feeling at the moment , as you calm down these thoughts will to , tell yourself they are thoughts , unpleasant and upsetting but they will not harm me , I have no need to fear them , my anxiety is creating them and they will subside :-)

Medication for your Son to help

How about giving it a go if it has been advised by the professionals that it may help , what would you have to loose ?

If it does not help or if he is not happy on it then you can stop it yes ? :-)

Sometimes the only way we can get an answer to see if it will be right for us is by trying things out and that way if it works great , if it doesn't then we will no longer have to ask ourselves that question because we know the answer :-)

Thinking you are ugly and stupid

I have left this one till last and I will tell you now it made me so sad to see you thought this about yourself

First ....stupid ...I think Not !

You are one of the most clever people on here so if you are stupid then so are we

You are talented , you have a great personality , you are blessed with been able to love and be loved the list goes on , is that stupid ? no that again is anxiety wanting you to believe all these negative things so it can have the power it is having over you but in time you will take that power back and let it know you are very intelligent :-)

O dear me , saying you are ugly :-(

OK I have never seen you bu I have seen your personality , the way you care and whatever you look like you are a beautiful person inside so that can only make you beautiful outside to , so please no more ugly :-(

So that is my opinion to those things you are thinking , hope rather than listening to your anxiety you might listen to us instead and trust that we are seeing something totally opposite to what you are but also we are seeing you clearly your anxiety is preventing you at the moment from doing that but it will all come good again :-)

Take Care x

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Lulu! Thank you! How you have the energy for me I do not know πŸ€” I have moved past the worries. I have it all straight now. Just took a little of this and that to get out of the whirlpool of negative worry I was swishing around in.

I am curious about your appointment and am really hoping that there will be good results from going. Let me know how it goes? πŸ’• love peace and joy to you


Hello Starrlight :-)

I am so pleased to read you are feeling a lot more settled :-)

Been to the Doctors , I think some of my issues could be anxiety related but I do have a ear infection as well :-) x


Ear infections can HURT I tell ya! I hope you are doing alright Lulu.

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Yes they can and make you feel yuk :-(

I will be fine though but thank you for your concern :-) x

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Love you Star!! ❀️


You just made my day better, thank you! Love you too 😍


I won't stop saying how beautiful you are..


Me neither...


I did not know that the insurance company could chose whether the policy is renewed or not. I hope I've understood this correctly. What a nightmare!

You are certainly NOT ugly or stupid so STOP those thoughts.


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