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No sense of self

I feel like I have no sense of self!!!

Is this aniexty?

Like I can say my name and address and my whole history of life but it’s like I’m not connected to my name

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I felt completely numb whilst clinically depressed. It was like the connection to my emotions were cut. I found it exceptionally difficult to find the right word I wanted to use. Not sure if I also had 'anxiety' but was very 'stressed'.

This feeling of disassociation and numbness falls under a number of medical issues.

My advice with the right treatment whether it be medication, CBT or mindfulness it will come back. Time and patience are a great healers too.

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Hello catlover901

I cannot add much more than Hidden already has which she has given you some great advise

I would love if you would let us know if any of the advise we have tried to give on your posts is helping you at all ? :-)

Take Care x


Any advise is welcome especially from an 'outsider' someone who you don't know. They can perhaps suggest something or a different angle. Thinking outside the box. :)

I'm experimenting with different podcasts mindfulness morning and night for my chronic insomnia. Early days though not expecting it to have an immediate effect. Last night I fell asleep during it and was woken up by the tinging at the end! LOL.

I don't quite understand what is meant by breathing out through various parts of the body. (I'll google it!) I'm then worried I'm doing it wrong but there is no wrong in mindfulness.

I particularly like the mindfulness movement. You slowly tap all over your body with loosely clenched hands and wrists. My body is slightly tingling. :)

I find it very difficult to break 'bad' habits I've got in and it takes several months to make new ones.



Hello Hidden :-)

I had to chuckle as I read your reply only because some of the things you think and are doing would be exactly how I would think and what I would do to :-)

Erm not sure how you breath through various parts of your body other than your nose and mouth :-D if you find there are other parts we can breath through you will have to let us know :-)

The tapping some find very good , I remember some years ago when that was first introduced going to see a therapist , he had me doing it and I am not sure if it would have worked or not because the tapping was fine it was just that he had me singing nursery rhymes while I was doing it which I just wanted to laugh , I only went the once after that but I might give that another go now you have mentioned it minus the singing nursery rhymes though :-/

Bad habits are hard to break but can be broken and you should be feeling really pleased with yourself doing everything positive to break those habits and I am sure in time you will get there :-) x


Laughter really is the best medicine. :)

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I deal with this too


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