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Good n Bad

I had a off n on day, I got out for a couple of hours. The thing I hate most is waking up with a burning feeling in my stomach, then I know it's not going to be a good day. I pray every day, hoping for days when I can wake up without feeling like this. This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday, going to make an effort to go to church. I'll pray for everyone who's suffering.

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Morning :-)

Well done , an on and off day is a lot better than a day that was not good all day don't you think ? and a bonus you got out for a couple of hours as well , you should really feel proud of yourself these are the little steps that I talk about taking and you have started taking them I think that is fantastic !

So you wake up with that feeling in your stomach and think this is going to be a bad day

When you feel that way , try reversing the thoughts as your day can start when ever you want , so say to yourself ok I have these feelings , I have had them before , I know what it is , my anxiety but I am going to push past them and not let it ruin the whole day , keep telling yourself that until you realise you can push past these feelings and still have some part of the day where it is good :-)

What another positive goal you have set to go to Church and a lovely sentiment to pray for all those that are suffering , don't forget yourself when you do :-)

Take Care x


Thank you for your support, I appreciate you taking the time again to write me. It's been awhile since I've been to church. I'm Catholic, this coming Sunday is Palm day, I'll try to go to the Early mass,6:30am, it's quiet, no children. I love kids, just want some Peace n Quite. I want inner Peace to be able to move in with my life.


Its a pleasure and let me know how Church goes , I hope you make it and get some peace from attending , fingers crossed :-) x


Thank you LuLu, I'll let you know and will say a prayer for you. ☺️

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Thank You :-) x


I am planning on going to Palm Sunday mass as well. I am not Catholic but my 10 year old son is interested so off we will go.

I hope you have a peaceful time at church.

You are in my prayers.


I will, thats considerate of you to put your son's interest in front of yours. I've always allowed my kids to explore what their religious beliefs are. You may like it?


I believe it’s good for him to have exposure to all types of religions. I think it will be good for me too. I haven’t been in a while. I was raised Catholic, became Muslim, and now am taking all the good from wherever I can find it.


That's good to be open minded, im Catholic too. I did enjoy going to a Christian Church. Their kind of the same? Christians don't believe in worshipping statues. I enjoy the way they do their services. I went to a Baptist Church one time, they have too much energy. I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. Don't know if you've heard if it? I get exhausted easily, takes awhile to recover, that's also part of why I don't get out much.


Catholics are a branch of Christianity. I don’t know who worships statues.

The chronic fatigue syndrome, I have heard of it but what causes that?


Have you ever heard of a preacher named Joel Osteen? He's located in Texas, but has a TV show. He very inspiring, he makes you feel hopeful. You should watch him


Catholics do. Their not sure? They just went by my symptoms. There's no cure, just when I do something it takes time to recover.


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