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Living with Anxiety
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Just want to be HAPPY

They say 'Life is short' a dear friend of mine just died yesterday from cancer. She had been a nurse for over 30 years. 4 months after she retired she developed cancer.

She didn't get to enjoy any of her retirement. But in her life she did enjoy, always a smile on her face. Always sent Christmas cards, loved her family n friends.

I want the happiness she had before it's too late. I so badly want to move on from my anxiety. In case it's not known? Anxiety can kill. I've tried pretty much tried everything, I don't feel like I'm living.

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Hello :-)

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend :-(

I hope family and friends will take comfort that she sounds like even though there was so much more she could have done in her retirement she had a good quality of life while she was here and I think that is the most important thing and what a lot of anxiety sufferers look and strive for some quality of life as anxiety can take that from us

The more we fight with this anxiety trying to beat it the harder it can make it , it is about acceptance , accepting for today how we feel but trying to make those small changes

Getting through anything in life that we are suffering from normally we find there is no quick fix and dealing with anxiety is just the same but as long as we are making some progress that is what we should focus on no matter how small as well as asking and getting all the support we can :-)

You state " In case you don't know ? anxiety can kill "

I have to totally disagree with that statement and I have never in all the years which are more than I wish to add up come across anyone that has died from anxiety

Anxiety can play a part in making some health conditions worse but anxiety alone cannot kill you and if we think these negative thoughts that it can then we will just hinder our progress in overcoming anxiety as it will feed the fear , so trying to turn the negative thoughts into positive one's can be the best way to go , for example telling ourselves I have anxiety but it can and will in time get better and I can and will put everything into helping myself to make sure it happens :-)

I know it is not easy but get all the support you can , take advise on board even if you feel it is not working and in time slowly you will see little differences , focus on those knowing changes are happening no matter how small they are which is a sign you are making progress :-)

Take Care x

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I am so sorry to hear you have lost your dear friend and so soon after retiring.

I have to agree with Lulu about anxiety on its own doesn’t kill you.

I have had bad anxiety for 60 years now and I’ve never had high blood pressure in my life and have had several ECG’s and a heart scan recently and they say everything is fine.

Please don’t worry it could kill you as that will make the anxiety worse.

Take care xx

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