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No family members, friends want anything todo with me


Because of my actions I have driven them away and now they will not even answer phones, txts ect. I dont understand why I have done so or how to fix it. I constantly accuse, point fingers and believe they are out to get me or leave me out. There are so many more feeling I am having but will address latrr

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Hello RacerT & Welcome :-)

I am sorry to read you feel you have been pushed away by family and friends especially when you must be needing support , but this does happen sometimes but in time hopefully things can turn around again :-)

I have had a quick look at another post you did so I could try and find out what is happening in your life and how your anxiety is affecting you

You are married with children ? I hope your relationship with your OH and kids is still on track :-)

Maybe when the time is right and you feel in a better place you could sit down and write to the family members and friends that mean the most to you and tell them how you feel , sometimes a letter can have more impact and people take in more how we feel than trying to talk to someone but that might be something for the future , meanwhile it is about you , what help you need and how to get to feeling better than you feel at this moment and you will :-)

I hope by finding these Communities you don't feel so alone and know someone will always be about to listen :-)

Take Care x

RacerT in reply to Hidden

Thank you for responding I am so lost and need so badly to see someone but I have no insurance so thats not an option:( I am so happy I found you

Hidden in reply to RacerT

I am sorry , I presume you are in America , I am lucky in that respect been in the UK and we have the NHS

Keep talking to others who understand on here hopefully that will help

Have you looked on line for therapy ?

You could put therapy on line and see what comes up :-) x

Bird-67 in reply to RacerT

Welcome RacerT,

You definitely have found the right forum here as there are so many kind and helpful people on here.

I too went through the anger stage so I fully understand.

I like Lulu are in the UK so am fortunate enough to have the NHS but hopefully now you have found us you will not feel so isolated.

Good luck and i’m here too and you can also private message if you don’t want everyone reading your posts 👍

Thank you lulu 1

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