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Update as I haven’t been on in a while

So went to the cardiologist Thursday as my 24 hour tape came back and other than a few ectopic beats which he told me to ignore my heart is fine. The rhythm and every seems good, got to do the treadmill test as I’ve had chest pains for two months but he doesn’t think they are cardiac but being safe.

Been managing and accepting the physical symptoms as anxiety and not letting the get to me and they have decreased and not as bad as I think I’ve realised six months on I am still here and they are not gonna kill me.

Today I feel like crap though as I accidentally drank more than I normally do and now I have a vibration/tingly sensation in the back of my head which is weird and a new one, but I’ve told myself it’s only cause of alcohol and having an over sensitised nervous system and nothing to worry about.

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Hello :-)

What you have going on with your heart is quite common so you have nothing to worry about and I am sure when you have that treadmill test it will be fine you will have to let us know :-)

How you are feeling today you know what has caused it , one to many :-/ keep doing what you are doing , realising it is anxiety trying to creep in and get plenty of fluids down you and it will pass :-)

Take Care x


Yeah I had more than usual last night while out drinking and plus my wisdom teeth are playing up which gives me a headache. The vibration sensation has gone though which it also does I think it’s prob caused by a lack of sleep/alcohol and prob staring at my phone too much. X



I would imagine it will be a combination of all those things and also your wisdom teeth if you are having problems with them can give you those symptoms

At least you know what has caused it , don't listen to the anxiety and what that might want to tell you and tomorrow you will feel a lot better :-) x


Hi, it seems like you were worried about your heart, as am I. I’ve had ekg done and they say I’m fine, but I get scared when my heart begins to race, my pulse is high, and I get heart palpitations. The doctor said it’s all due to my anxiety, but it still scares me. Hope that you’re doing well.


Yeah I am, any weird sensation even though I know it’s just nerves such as tingly or buzzing I sort of panic thinking is something gonna happen. I am doing ok I have my good and bad days.

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Morning Kellylorraine899,

Thank you for your input. Also when you drink, before you go to bed make sure you drink a glass of water and take 2 Motrins. You won’t wake up with a hang over and feel lower than a snails 🐌 bottom.

I don’t drink at all, or smoke, but I have friends who do. I’m always the designated driver/ care taker. 🤦🏿‍♂️


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