Going from Mirtazapine 45mg to sertraline 50mg?

So went to my GP today as I feel my meds are useless keep feeling anxious and the night gasping is back.. she wants to wean me off Mirtazapine as Its mostly used to treat depression (I'm not depressed) so going to go down to 30mg this week.. week 2 30mg with 50mg Sertraline... week 3: 15mg and 50mg Sertraline.. wants me to take 2 weeks off work as i may withdraw! this is so freaking me out anyone done this before??

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  • I tried both of those and they were no help at all. But what was amazing for me was NORTRIPYLINE. It's the only thing that has helped me other than Lorazepam (Benzo) that I was on for 10 years (.5mg a night) but I've been off since December 2015. This is the first replacement that has done anything helpful and not just been a basket of bad side effects.

  • hi ive been on mirtazapine for 5 years they were working but not anymore hence the change to sertraline fed up with always feeling anxious and sluggish

  • I was on Lorazepam for over 10 years just taken at night. It was the only thing that helped me but was a special kind of hell dealing with withdrawals that are thankfully 6+ months later. Recently I got a new doctor after moving and the hospital is pushing to get everyone off Benzos due to possible long term memory or brain damage (ugh!). Nothing (including months on both the meds that you mentioned) even put a dent in my anxiety problems and like you I don't feel any depression, just anxiety for no good reason. I have near zero problems and am financially independent due to successful businesses run by their own CEO's, no family issues, no issues really at all other than weird health/anxiety problems. I'm lucky to be able to spend all the time I want figuring out what's going on with my health now since I don't have to work, yet still I'm not really getting far. My anxiety is 95% at night and results in me gasping for air, feeling jolts of electricity, waking up into panic attacks, giving me bad heartburn or other GI issues, etc. It feels like I'm poisoned at night. It's now led to bad food intolerances and I have to restrict my diet to paleo simple foods. Mindfulness training has helped a little (mostly during the day) but the fact I wake up into nausea, anxiety, etc it's hell to deal with. Nortriplyline is the only other med that has helped me with the night time anxiety and related symptoms for what that is worth and I tried a lot. I also take Nexium to reduce the heartburn that the anxiety can trigger. So for what it's worth you might want to bring up this option to your doctor for a possible med worth trying. This combo of two med gives me 5-6 hours of sleep versus the 2-3 I get if I take nothing and so I have tons more energy and it got rid of my sluggish dragging I used to have every day since getting off Lorazepam. I also highly recommend mindfulness training for any daytime anxiety. If there is any other way I can help or provide more info about my experiences please let me know.

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