Am I taking on too much?

Hi all..

so I work as a hca in a home specialised in Alzheimer's and Dementia I work 7 hrs a day. 3-4 times a week.. doesn't seem much but living with this sodding Anxiety/panic disorder Its enough for me.. however I have a friend with a pub they have had me work alongside my sister sunday night was hard.. lots of hot flushes and feeling faint :( however i pushed through and was proud I done it! now I'm down to work on my own there saturday for 7hrs and the thought is making me freak out!!. and I have been picking up extra shifts at the home to help pay for bills etc.. do you think I am doing to much?? I dont want to go backwards and be super stressed and anxious.

Rach x

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  • I should look at this and say yes you are doing far too much but then on the other hand I think no as you have anxiety/ panic disorder and to do all you do is really giving it the kick up the backside it deserves and you are living life like you should at your age

    I'm not sure I'm making much sense but I think what you are doing despite having anxiety is amazing

    I think you should do as much as you feel you can do Probably the thought of the shift alone is just freaking you out now but when you do it think how great you will feel

    Remember it's the adrenaline rushing through your body that is causing all the faint hot etc feelings it can't actually make you faint or do you any harm

    Just do as much as you feel you want to do as everything is extra and not part of your normal work hours

    Be kind to yourself and say no when you need to

    It's so much better than giving in to anxiety and let it stop you enjoying life

    Wishing you all the best work hard but in between relax even harder x

  • Loving that Response Cat33. Carrying on with your life on and doing normal stuff is a very important part of recovery. Anxiety won't break you. It just makes you think it will so call it's bluff and pull,some pints. Invite the anxiety along for the ride (it will come anyway) but just observe the symptoms and don't get involved by trying to fix anything because this just adds fuel to keep the anxiety alive. Starve it to death. Not by fighting or trying to get rid of the thoughts/feelings but do the opposite. Give up the fight, do nothing to fix it or push it away. You have to go through this process but over time, it will get easier the more you let go of it. The road to recovery is bumpy and there will be lots of ups and downs along the way but you will get there. Just don't be fooled or feel too disheartened with the downs because they will pass so long as you continue to practice acceptance and letting go. You will learn more about recovery in setback than when you are feeling calm. I've been through it and come out the other side.

  • Yes all you have said is so true I'm in recovery Years ago I was crippled with it I never stopped going out but it was a battle every single day As I write this I'm in a cottage away for the weekend for our youngest son's and his girlfriends 30th birthdays There are 13 of us one couple I only met yesterday Now when I was ill the thought of doing this having to all go out for trips meals etc would have freaked me out completely I would have come but it would have been such a struggle I'm here anxiety free having a great time and looked forward to it Looking forward to things didn't happen when I was ill I spent years afraid of that demon anxiety when all it is is a rush of adrenaline and isn't going to harm me in any way I was rushed into A&E earlier this year with a suspected heart attack so now life is for living and anxiety has got the push

    Good luck with your full recovery and thanks for replying x

  • Hi Rach

    3-4 days a week in a dementia home sounds like a very tough gig.

    Great that you enjoyed the shift in the pub and good to do something different, highly impressive to be in that environment let alone front and centre when suffering with an anxiety disorder.

    Paying the bills is important but please don't burn out, it sounds like you help a lot of people and it would be awful if you couldn't do this.

    I guess you need to ask yourself the question of 'is it too much', you will get a gut reaction ( you probably already have) and you should probably follow it. If you choose to slow it down a bit it does not mean that you can't speed up again when you are feeling able.

    Hope that you can make the right decision for you.

    Sending out some calming vibes, Matt :)

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