Oh I have decided I'm Mental!!

So I have been doing very well.. promotion at work lifes good.. well until my stress levels have rocketed!! dont understand why I get so hot headed and stressed when quite frankly I dont feel like it? wtf i dont have the need to be stressed but i just dooooo! then on comes the hot flushes sweats sluring of words and BOOM anxiety/panic decides to ruin my day!!

I have decided Im mental and nothing is going to change me! want to be normal?? but define normal? still i have my jouirnal for my weird and wonderful thoughts :)

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  • Hello

    How are you feeling now ?

    I don't think you are mental at all , the pressure that comes with promotion must be a shock to the system even if you don't feel like it has been

    Maybe accepting you are you and feel the way you do and for you at the moment that is normal will help you to feel more relaxed :-)

    Take Care x

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