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Living with Anxiety
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I feel like my body is numb but i can still feel

I have had anxiety for about 3 months now and it has really made me scared of every little thing. My first panic attack happend in a movie theater,I was running back to my seat after using the bathroom, and as i sat down I got a strange feeling like my body was all numb but it really wasn't so I started to panic I thought i was having a heart attack but at the age of 15 seems unlikly I got up and left. I asked one of the workers to check my pulse and he said it was normal. I calmed myself and went back to the theater. I still had the feeling but I ignored it. We were watching a pretty intense movie so idk if that caused it. After 3 months it has worsened I go to a certain period in school and cannot be in there for a long time or I over heat and feel like I'm going to pass out. Now today I am sick and I have been feeling the same feeling I had in the movie theater all day. I also have a really white skin color when pressure is applied and feel weak for alot of time and my vision almost always feels dark I think it might be a pinched nerve but idk. please respond because I am worried.

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Sounds like you are experiencing anxiety. I get a numbness feeling sometimes too. Tingling sensation as well. My anxiety effects my vision as well. Anxiety can cause you to feel all kinds of scary physical symptoms. To put your mind at ease I would recommend seeing a doctor. They may even give you something to relax you.


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