Introduce Yourself!

Introduce Yourself!

Welcome all new members (and old members who have been away for a while).

Hopefully this community will be a supportive, friendly place- for advice or just for a chat. Make yourself at home and start posting right away here:

If you're a bit shy, a great way to start posting is simply by introducing yourself and sharing your experiences.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

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  • Yes I would love to

  • Hi my name is martina suffer with anxiety

  • im Teresa. I have suffered with Generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder off and on for about 5 years now. This past year it has been at its worst. I come here to hear other stories and find comfort knowing others are battling this too.

  • Hi I'm Laura I suffer from anxiety and social phobia. I fear that if I go in public I will get sick which in turn gets me sick in public. It's a never ending battle and most days I'm stuck at home because of it. I'm tired of it. I have never experienced this in the past, this year is at its worse and has made an impact on my life. I came here to seek advice and just to feel comforted knowing others go through this as well.

  • Hi my name is Stephen and I am 27, living with Fibromyalgia and anxiety. Living in Northern Ireland.

  • Hi everyone my name is Dennis, and i'm a CBT life coach with a podcast that helps people with anxiety. The Anxiety Guy podcast can be found on iTunes, I hope it makes a difference in your life. Nice meeting everyone :)