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feeling embarssed and weirded out

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Hey guys I wear diapers just in case due to my mild C.P. which affects my walking have a few questions. I wanted to get everyone's opion.

1. Should i be embarssed wearing them weather at night or in the daytime?

2 how do i wear them outside without feeling like awkward like people are staring or if i have an accident in the store i feel like people are gonna be like man this guy in front of me at the register smells?

3. should i feel weirded out

I look forward to hearing from you guys thanks Gabe.

Thanks in advance to everyone who replies.

Please feel free tp pm me as well.

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No one will know you are wearing them and just make sure if you have an accident you change so that you don’t worry about smelling

No need to feel embarrassed or weird. Put on those pants and strut your stuff - no-one will know unless you draw their attention to it.

There’s no need for embarrassment everyone’s CP is different it’s Okay 😊

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