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I'm sorry I don't understand what do you mean by a title

PBC stage 4 the last 3 years I have had hepatitis see did the new treatment and was cured and now after that I had bleeding in the stomach and had surgery and now I have yellow stool also other symptoms have shown up I lose concentration I cannot stay focused lightheaded a lot and dizzy when I turn my head I also cannot control my bladder I also having trouble going to the bathroom for my stool I also have been hallucinating and I feel like I'm poisoned all the time in my bloodstream I'm going to a free clinic now but it seems that nobody can give me the answers what stage this is what's going to happen or what needs to be done I know there's a new medication app but with no medical insurance and no help no family to help me with this I'm alone and I don't know what I'm doing please help I will be 53 March 11th