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cross over liver diseases

hi all, I have been diagnosed with both anti mitochondrial antibodies (AMA) (primary biliary cirrhosis) and anti smooth muscle (ASM) (autoimmune hepatitis). Apparently it is uncommon to have both and I will be starting medication shortly Ursofalk and Entocort steroids. Anyone else out there in a similar position and does anyone have any idea whats ahead of me??

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I know a few people with this overlap. Essentially they will treat each disease separately. The urso will help with the PBC and you can get more information about that from the PBC Foundation here on Health Unlocked.

As regards the AIH the budesonide (Enterocort) should quickly bring the inflammation under control and then probably an immunosuppressant (usually azathioprine) will be introduced. This will enable the steroid to be reduced often to zero. AIH is a controllable disease but isn't curable. Most people do very well on medication but it can take a bit of time to get the balance of meds right. I was diagnosed 15 years ago and everything is fine.

I run a website and online support group for AIH if you want to check that out - it is at autoimmunehepatitis.org.uk

(Admin - hope it is OK to mention the support group here!)



Thanks Ann, I'll check it out. Finding out on a a daily basis that there seem to be lots of us out there


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