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Keto diet for lipedema? NEW MEMBER as of Nov 1, 2019


I am interested in hearing if anyone has tried and found that the keto diet is helpful to lessen lipodema nd lymphodema symptoms. I feel, as in many illnesses, diet may play an important part in treatment. Have read many anecdotal stories about the keto diet being helpful but doctors seem to play down the role of nutrition. I need to lose weight but this illness seems to make this goal a hard one to reach.

So far the standard of treatment at the lymphedema clinic at my hospital is a combination of compression stockings, 2-3 time a week physical therapy (expensive out of pocket copays,), massage (also expensive), dry brushing.

These treatments don't appear to me to make a big difference in lessening symptoms and I feel the ongoing therapy promoted is more a money-maker for the health providers than helpful to the patient. I'm on a fixed income (retired) and I just don't want to spend money where it is not going to make a significant improvement in my quality of life.

I'm also leary of many Big Pharma meds the older I get but do believe in supplements as an adjunct to nutrition as much of the world's food supply, IMO, is not as nutritious as when I was young.

The cause of my lymph problems appear to result from surgery in 1999 for uterine cancer with removal of many abdominal lymph nodes and high dose radiation. This illness has caused me a lot of anxiety as I can't see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm 75 and have had other medical problems that I have handled well and are well controlled (atrial fib with a pacemaker and Watchman device) but lymphedema has thrown me for a loop. Doctors seem to have a 'just live with it' attitude. So I think it's up to me to be as proactive as possible re finding successful treatment.

I'm in the U.S. (Atlanta, Georgia)and am a retired nurse. Interested in what other proactive patients have learned in spite of their health providers.

Also, I've heard than rebounding can be helpful as is sweating, and exercise. But I need bilateral knee replacements which I am reluctant to have until I get a handle on the lymphedema. I have an orthosurgeon who says he has operated on patients with this problem but I am an old operating nurse and I feel this is too much of a cavalier attitude.

I live in independent senior living and I am very reluctant to have surgery with possible complications that would cause me to end up in assisted living or, worse, a nursing home. I really don't want go any higher with senior living care. To me this is not an option. At least I know what I'm dealing with right now. For me, from what I know about these levels of care this is not quality of life for me.

Thank you for any input .

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Hello! I struggled with the whole Keto idea but it works for many. Check out KETO WOE on Facebook and the Diet Doctor. I've found the Fast 800 diet suited me. It's by Michael Moseley and follows the principles of the Mediterranean diet. Until I went away on holiday, then it all went TU! I found that when I was drinking 2 litres of water a day, my legs felt better and didn't get so hot and uncomfortable. I'm now back to summoning the motivation to get started again. Hope you find something that works for you...Ruth

I find Keto to be helping loads, although I am eating more fruits than a normal Keto. If I eat anything refined my symptoms worsen so that shows. You are lucky at least that where you are they recognise the condition. I am in the UK and my GP never heard of it. By the way University of Arizona has some good researchers for lipedema and if you look for it online they suggest a least of supplements that really help.

Yes, I noticed my legs less inflamed as soon as I started reducing carbs. In my case, going keto is not quite an option, as I am a runner and I run much better on carbs, but I practice carb cycling and intermittent fasting. That works for me. Reducing carbs, eating as natural as possible and keeping stress under control help greatly.

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