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Sclerotic foci

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Hi everyone

Just a little worried at the momement

I have been in pain for around 5 years in my hips . They crunch and hurt and the pain travels down my legs to my feet. But stiffness and pain in my knees started a few years before my hips. I was complaining to the doctors and they kept telling me with meach having spinal arthritis the pain was going into my hips . 2 weeks ago I had a xray of my hips and knees and found out that I had arthritis in both knees and hips. But also on the xray results it states that I have sclerotic foci in the right ischuim and left femoral. Is it this that is giving me the pain in my hips. I got told by verita life that the doctor should be investigating has they could be maglinant or benign . So I'm really worried and darelated not get in touch with the doctors ...

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Hi Salsybar It's way too early for you to get worried about cancer. May I suggest that you locate a major hospital with a great cancer center near you, and make an appointment.

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I have done , my first consultation with an orthopedic oncologist on the 4th February

Thank you

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Still got no answers what these scleroctic foci could be in my right ischuim and left femoral. I saw a white patch too on my right iliac crest just a round blob. I don't know if to get a 2nd opinion went to the bone doctorand said it was fibromyalgia. ? I have these things on my bum bone and neck of my hips . I'm not getting answers what do I do ...some advice anybody please 😕

Lifestyle changes matter for arthritis. Also it is known that CBD and/or cannabis oil, can help with pain of arthritis and much more. Good wishes.