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need a coffee brake

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hello I'm ruth 32 with stage 4 colon cancer... have been fighting it for 3 years and feeling great.. but lately ive been mentally exhausted and feel I need to interact with people who can relate to the struggle.. any one from the Los angeles CA area?

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Hi Bunbury. I do know it's dufficult. To day the least!. Sorry I don't check this site often. Maybe I should. Don't know but sometimes I too just feel burned out just in the process of disvovery ( isn't that what they call it?) I had a mastectomy on January 18th. But now have been through .. still doing tests to see if I have mets. This is my third time having breast cancer. So if it is any consolation I too feel just exausted. I have to be in this for the long haul. I have grandsons and my precious fur babies.And for all the complexities I still love life. Do try and reach out to me and will repond. Best of luck to you.