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Was diagnosed in June 2015. Have had radical prostatectomy, have had Zolodex injections, radiation, etc. currently on a clinical trial drug. Would be interested in hearing from others who have experienced similar.

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Tell us about your clinical trial. What does that entail? What was your PSA and Gleason score at diagnosis? What is it now?

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Hey. PSA was 12.7 and Gleason 10 at diagnosis. After radiation PSA dropped to 0.8. That was last May. By August I was at 8.3 and in November over 17.

I am on a clinical trial being held by the BC Cancer Centre in Vancouver. Abiraterone is the drug I am on. Side effects have been tolerable so far. Will be going in for blood work, CT scan and bone scan in the next few days for follow up appointment w my oncologist next week.

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Ah, that's rough. I was diagnosed in Nov 2015, PSA was 89, Gleason 4+5. I had an open prostatectomy and then started on Lupron 2 months after surgery. I had a Decipher test to look at my genes. Seems I was pretty high likelihood of future problems(40% chance of 5 year recurrence, 20% chance of 10 year cancer-specific mortality) so that led to adjuvant radiation as soon as I was sufficiently healed from surgery. Post surgery PSA was 0.06 and most recent was 0.04, so room for optimism I think. I expect to be on Lupron for 2 more years. If I don't see a PSA rise in that time, I'll go off Lupron for a while until my PSA starts to rise again. My best hope is that I can survive long enough for some treatment options to get approvals.

You're not alone. :)

Please keep me posted. I'll see my latest results on the 18th. Good luck!

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You're definitely not alone. Many of us here are wishing you great results back on the 18th. Do post those if you're ok about that

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Also, there is an advancedprostatecancer and gay men and prostate cancer community here on Healthunlocked too

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Good to know. I will check that out!

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