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Merry Christmas to all who are fighting cancer and survivors :) :) :)

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Hi there. Yes happy holidays to us all - we are all united in staying as strong as we can. Each & everyone of us supports each other & im throwing a huge hug to everyone - no matter what our blood counts are❤️💪

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Hugs and Merry Christmas :) :) :)

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Thank you so much & keep up your positive attitude - it's awesome😍

Hi Bird cuddle. Does your name imply you have birds? Just wondering. I love birds. I had a parakeet I named Elijah. Had him 12 years. My cats would not likely make life for a bird very inviting. I do have a frog though. It's a girl . She just turned four. And my 3 cats, two grandsons. It"s these blessings that keep me going. This cancer journey is not over till it's over. I miss the love of my life. She passed in 2010. From a stroke. She took care of me the first two times I had cancer. It is kind of scary now. People in my life but they have their own lives and challanges. I fear that things could get bad with treatment and there won't be i mmediate help available. I say this because several times I ended up in the ER needing life saving measures. But now knowing myself, I don't know if I could or would reach out for help when it's needed. I don't know. I don't know if oothrs live with this fear. Well Bird Cuddle let us know how you are doing. 😆