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Covid Vaccine side effects

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I just received my last Pfizer or second jab for the virus on Friday. I was currently on 3mg of Predisone until this morning. I started taking 5 mg this morning due to pain from PMR. First shot I had sore arm for 1 day and that was all. 2nd shot it is like I have no Predisone in my body. It really feels like a major FLARE. I also have a mild headache. I am now on the third day Post vaccination. Anyone else have a Flare after the second vaccine. Thanks and hope all are doing well.

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I can’t comment personally but I read in another group of someone with Adult Onset ALD & Addison’s who only had a sore arm after their first shot but after their second shot they had severe fatigue, muscle aches and mouth/gum sores. They said it took a week to feel like themselves again.

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