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Symptons as an Adult Woman!

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Hello everyone. Not only am I going threw my son having ALD, I am now start to experience some of the effects of the disease. I am a 42 year old woman. The numbness and tingling and weakness of my fingers , toes and sometimes my leg. Is there anyone that has been threw or is going threw that may be able to give me some advice because idont have insurance and I cant afford it either

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Hi, so sorry to hear that you are now suffering with symptoms, what you describe are common symptoms which carriers do suffer from. These symptoms can be helped with some medications, the other thing which can help is to keep moving and exercising as much as you are able to, so even going for a short walk can help. And making sure that you stretch your muscles.

I am also sorry to hear that your son has ALD, it is a very difficult time for you.

Please get in touch and I will help and support you to the best of my ( I am the Support Services Manager at ALD Life charity