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Hello. Again my name is Gary. The only movement in my legs are spasms. The strength in my arms has decreased greatly. I can still move them but I have no coordination. But...I'm still living the good life. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Hi Gary, well done for your terrific attitude to our disease. I see your earlier posts last year were to AMN Easier, maybe you want to redo this one on AMN Easier since I suspect most AMN-ers don't look here?


Thanks for sharing Gary ... keep up the positive attitude! Good luck!


The wonderful man that posted this 2 years ago was my brother! This horrible disease took his life at the young age of 35!! As you can see he was strong though! I am a 33 year old female carrier not to many symptom just some numbness in my toes. I have a 4 year old son that also has ALD. Thankfully he’s not showing any signs of the disease progressing! I just so happen to run across his post and had to reply. Miss him much!! 😥