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Anxiety/panic attacks

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Hi, but if background. Husband has AML with FLT 3 and is going for transplant in 17 days. I’ve recently been having panic/anxiety attacks as we get closer to the date. As I’m scared something major will happen. I’m looking advice from anyone who can suggest anything to make me not worry as much. X

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Honestly, it IS something that causes anxiety, you are not in any way being irrational. I don't want to belittle what you are going through.

Having said that (and AS an anxious person myself - I worry every time my husband has a procedure, or surgery etc) I find it helps to remind myself that these are procedures that they have a lot of experience doing, and the hoped for positive outcome is much more likely than any other outcome. Some days like a mantra, over and over in my head to stop the worry.

Also, I really recommend getting in touch with the CNS and seeing if you can get CaPS counselling (it's specifically for people impacted by cancer, and referral is typically much quicker than general - it's also free) You can get that for yourself so you have a space to talk about the impact of cancer on your life and thoughts etc.

Also, keep talking. Let us know how everything is going. Please don't feel that you are alone with your worries.

Sending you good wishes and hopes for positive outcomes

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Hi I’m going for a transplant going back into hospital on the 14th Feb the way I look at it I’m not there first patient to have this done all the Drs and nurses have seen it all before and we see all aspects of the way the body responds and know what to do they have great teams behind them they can help your husband and your self don’t be afraid to ask for help I’ve had a few meltdown on the way myself but just thinking we are the lucky ones that can be treated that’s what has kept me going and a great husband and son hope this helps a good luck with everything x

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Thank you, we are off to a BMT clinic at hospital on Friday and I shall talk to hubbys cns and see if she can suggest anything. Good luck with your transplant. Hubby's goes in on 15th for the conditioning Chemo and transplant 22/02/23. X

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Hi hope everything goes well for you both same sort of thing on the 14th on wards x