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Wait and watch approach

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I had CLL for 3 years now, I see my oncologist every 3 months, I have many enlarged lymphnods around my stomach and on both sides neck, the Dr said not in any organs, staying in their lanes.I would like to know Is there anything I should be doing as far as diet, or vitamins I should be taking.

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Hi, this is a very personal, and not a medical reply, for that you are better to ask your Dr.

I believe an a balanced, healthy, diet with plenty of fruit, veg and fibre, but I do eat meat and fish as well. However I do have the odd treats as well. Moderate drinking if you want to, but definitely drinking plenty of water.

However I also believe in fresh air and appropriate exercise and an appropriate sleeping pattern.

I do take multi vitamins and minerals and cod liver oil.

So actually the same as if I did not have CLL.

I stress this is a personal reply.

Take care of yourself

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