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Bone marrow bi opsy

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Having bone marrow bi opsy after transplant at Birmingham. Have prebiously had under sedation (midazolam) at my local hospital. Birmingham prefer to offer gas n air + diazepan.Anybody had experience of these two potions please?

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I’ve had the procedure with both at Birmingham and I think I prefer gas and air. The results in terms of ‘being a bit out of it’ are pretty much the same and the gas and air is under your control.

Don’t wait until it starts to feel painful to inhale, as soon as the local anaesthetic is in, take lots of deep long breaths. You’ll feel woozy and out of it but keep going breathing it in and you’ll be fine.

I also take some codeine an hour before for extra pain cover and ask them not to talk to me about what they’re doing so that I can focus on the breathing and the woozy feeling. It works for me.


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Platelets2022 in reply to Jm954

Thank you Jackie this is most helpful. Hope things are good for you.

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Hi hope everything goes ok for you. I was very interested to hear the different things people have been offered I have had two bone marrow biopsies and a bone biopsy and was only given the local anaesthetic so will be asking some questions at my next one as to why Birmingham offer what sounds like a better experience although to be honest I found the procedure not to uncomfortable but it would have been nice to have the choice . Good luck with your procedure also taking somecodeine beforehand sounds like good advice

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Thank you Tenby. I have had several at my local hospital. Two of those were without pain relief. Then I was offered something via a canular in the hand. At Bham they offer different medications so make sure you ask if you need another. I find that I don't need pain killers afterwards just during.Take care.


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just noticed you my post about the biopsy. Hope it went well for you. I’ve no experience of any of these options. When I got mine a nurse held your hand 🤣. What a great memory to have.

Fingers crossed everything went well

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Platelets2022 in reply to RossH

Thanks RossH

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Good luck, hope the outcome is positive

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Platelets2022 in reply to MeNotDavid

Thank you 🙂

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Hi I’ve had 3 after treatment had them done with a local anaesthetic didn’t have any thing but was offered gas and air it was a weird feeling but was not painful they numb the hip and the biopsy takes about 20 minutes it takes longer to get all the bits together then after wards was offered to see the slides of blood being me I need to see them and they explained everything to me Southampton hope this helps

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I am an anomaly here. Gas and Air makes me *actually* unconscious. I discovered this during my first labour, then had it confirmed a couple of years later by some paramedics who asked me to try and manage without it during an ambulance trip. So, if I am offered it, I have to explain the risk (I could not, for example, have gas and air whilst walking around during my second labour some years later) - I am not sure whether this would be a plus or minus in the case of bone marrow biopsy (DH has had several, but none of them with G&A)

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Thanks Drunkjam. I have had the bm now and went with just the gas n air. I still felt it but not as bad as previous experiences and I just felt a bit floaty rather than totally out of it. Was able to walk out without feeling drunk which happens with sedation.

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DrunkJam_UKAdministrator in reply to Platelets2022

That sounds like a pretty good experience then (for a given definition, I know they are horrible) I hope you are doing well now though

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