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Happy New Year!

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The year may be new, but our goal of being here for all those affected by leukaemia remains the same.

With the festive period now over, our support services will resume as normal.

☎️If you ever need to chat, you can give us a call on our helpline on 08088010444.

To see helpline opening hours click here: bit.ly/3Gy6OAy

📱If you’d prefer to text rather than call, you can message us on WhatsApp at 07500068065.

To see our WhatsApp opening hours click here: bit.ly/3WCD8HY

📧You can also drop us an email at support@leukaemiacare.org.uk

Find more information about the support available to you here: leukaemiacare.org.uk/suppor...

3 Replies
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Thank you for this! Great to be reminded that there are more ways to access support than just the phone (I don't like using the phone, and often don't have chance to talk out loud, so it's super handy to have text / email options!)

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Thanks and a Happy and healthy New Year to all.

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great to see you back. There are some really good ways to get support with LeukCare. Take your pick - whatever is good for you - help is available and easy to reach.

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