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Imbruvica and Fertility

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My husband left a sperm sample for IVF after using Imbruvica. Does anybody know if there are any risks for the baby?

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Hi, a vital question to ask but one for someone in your husbands medical team I think.Obviously you are are concerned so it needs to be asked for your peace of mind.

Good luck and take care of yourselves

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Ehvt in reply to 2003UK

I asked but nobody seems to have much information. Thank you!

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Hi there, here is a paper which includes some information about ibrutinib (which is the generic name for Imbruvica)

You will see that, for the most part, little is said about fertility implications (this doesn't mean there are , or that there are none) most of the information seems to be about female impacts on gestation.

This paper is interesting but, in terms of what you need to know, your husband's own fertility team / Heamatology team would be a much better source of information.

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Ehvt in reply to DrunkJam_UK

Thank you so much!