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Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and New Year

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Hi all, I wish you all the best over the festive break and much hope for a better new year for us all..

Many LC services are limited during the break, we have put together a page for you of what is available among charities.

Support available over Christmas leukaemiacare.org.uk/suppor...

As a patient community we are here for each other and do receive notifications, so don't be hesitant to post a message and reach out during the break. Christmas is not always an easy time, and again this year will be challenging for many.

Happy Christmas and best wishes for you all and yours.


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Happy Christmas to you too, Nick.

I like the new hair style, even though I hardly recognised you!

Wishing you and yours all the best for Christmas and the year ahead.


Thank you. Merry Christmas to you and yours, too, Nick, and a happy, healthier New Year. Same to all the members here. x

Thank you Nick and the same to you and your family.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & a Happy, healthy, safe New Year!

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Hi Hair Bear, i would also like to thank you and absolutely everyone at Leukaemia Care for being there throughout the year in so many different ways. May we all have a peaceful and healthy 2022 and stay safe.

Thank you Nick, the same to you and yours.

A little bird told me you have a dog, aren't they just the best company; give them a loving stroke behind the ears from me....


Happy Christmas to you, too, and thank you so much for your helpful replies since I've become a member of this page. It does feel good to know that there are people standing by... Let's hope new winds blow better things in the coming year.

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Hi Nick, I hope you have had a good Christmas and are keeping safe and well over the festive break. I am finding it exceptionally stressful and isolated, so I popped on here to see how everyone is. We are just holding on til 13th for blood tests (currently DH is out of breath, covered in cuts and bruises, and falling asleep again by 9am so...)

Food is causing a LOT of additional stress.

No idea what to do for the best school wise. I don't really want to send the kids at the moment, AND I have been employed as an exam invigilator, but, who knows. Doesn't seem like a good idea right now.

Anyway, not to put a downer on Christmas or anything, REALLY hoping everyone else is having a peaceful, restful and positive time.

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